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Using “Connections” networking game

There are quite a few free game templates on your Loquiz account. One surprisingly popular among event professionals is Connections. So how do they use it?

What is the game about?

The game is about meeting new people and connecting with them.

To do that you the player makes selfies. For example: “find somebody who likes to dance” and make a selfie with them. The selfie will have hashtag #letsdance on it so when reviewing photos, you will remember why you took the photo with this person.

Connections game

Some tasks are easier, like two people on a selfie. Some are more difficult, like several people who share the same interest.

Each player sees all the tasks in a list, they can open a task and if they want to, they can also close it and do it later or if they really hate the task, they can also skip it forever.

Some tasks are focused on cooperation as you need to collect a large number of people.

Why is it cool?

It is creating memories together. But for the instructor, the important thing is that it is very easy to play and run. Basically, it is a list of tasks every player needs to do. Tasks are location independent and work really well in confined places (read indoor).

Also, it seems to work very well in situations where people are in several locations (like different offices in different countries). Players can still play together and find common interests.

How is it really used by event professionals?

Talking to Loquiz users it turns out that the game is used often in large-scale kickstart events. Also, it is used as a backup activity for outside activities for bad weather – something you always need to think about here in North Europe. It has also been run at conferences as a quick energizer and memory maker for a large group of people.

Do event professionals modify the game?

A few users told us that they purely run it as is for international groups. As the tasks are easy to understand good English is not needed. Real puzzle exercises sometimes need good English to grasp them, in Connections this is not the case. Some users modify the game by translating the tasks and user interface. Some users also add specific company tasks into the game. We believe that adding company-specific photo tasks is a great way of making the tasks relevant to the specific group. You should really do it if possible.

How to create the Connections game?

Log in to Loquiz. Go to Templates. You should be able to find the Connections template under Free templates. Open it and create a game.

Alternatively, I also wrote about “get to know you bingo”, which is purely Pen and paper. Check out the blog post about that if you wish. The Connections was influenced by this game.

Try public game

If you fancy competing on a public leaderboard and try Connections right away then scan the QR with Loquiz app and start!

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