Template statistics

We have just added statistics for the Templates.

This is a small feature that will have big implications on how you share games. It is only available if you have the Templates selling feature activated. If you want to share your templates to other Loquiz users, then please contact us and we can activate it on your account.

Statistics for templates will show the template owner how many games were created on the specific template monthly and how many players did the games have that were based on this template.

So lets presume you have a cool game concept that some of Loquiz users would like to run. You can turn that game into a template, lock some aspects of the template and share it directly to the specific user account. Now they can create games based on that template and run those games.

You can see from your template library how many games did the specific account create and how many times was the game played.

Statistics work even if they clone a game that is based on your template. You will still see that new game was created based on your template and you will also see how many players the game had.

Why is this important?

It will give you an option to let others use your template and follow the usage. For example you could charge for the template based on usage. At the moment you would need to do the charging directly as we do not have built in system within Loquiz for this.

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