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Stuck in a Loop! Active team game that can be looped anywhere in the world.

Take a look on games around the world that different event, team building, tour, and adventure companies are running. In “Bring your game on!” video presentation series we will take a look at some of the most intriguing, profitable, and fun game products introduced by the companies.

In this presentation, Valters from Eži talks about the Loop game which can bring any team together from different countries and push for an effort to get out of a series of loops.

Favourite feature of the game: augmented photo.

If you wish to play this game at your event or purchase the concept for your event company, contact: Valters Gulbis,,

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The game we have created is called The Loop and it’s basically an outdoor game which can also be adapted for indoor use, but mainly it’s played outdoors. You get points by walking and you are triggered with the tasks and some clues on the way as you move.

1 What is the Loop and how is it played?

Tags: Game, Bring Your Game, Field Book, Loop, presentation, Meeting, Pandemic, task, Walters, Event, connection, English, Asia

00:06 – 00:25

Speaker 1

Hello. We are here today with Walters from Eži and he’s going to show in our Bring Your Game On series a game they have built, so the floor is yours. And tell me all about the amazing game you have built.

00:26 – 01:05

Speaker 2

At least I have. Hello, everyone. My name is Valters, and I’m going to give you a short presentation about the game we have created. Basically, we started it before the pandemic. And during the pandemic, it rose very hugely and is a successful game. We are playing very, very much. And I’m very eager to show and share it with you. So I’m going to share a presentation. A short one hopefully won’t bore you with that.

01:06 – 01:39

Speaker 2

And yes, so Eži is the company name. We are in the business of doing events for over 20 years already. And recently we may made another progress in online or hybrid games, but the majority of what we do is still live with real people, not robots.

01:40 – 02:12

Speaker 2

But anyway, the game we have created is called the Loop and you can see the web page here. It’s filled by not L.V. it has an English version as well. And you can have a look on the games we have in our catalog. And it’s basically it translates as a little bit game. It has some connection with loops. I’m going to tell you briefly a little later.

02:12 – 02:52

Speaker 2

Okay. So what is this game and how it is played? And it’s basically an outdoor game which can also be adapted for indoor use, but mainly it’s played outdoors and that is competition. You get points by walking and you are triggered with the tasks and some clues on the way as you move. So basically you get something for for moving.

02:52 – 03:19

Speaker 2

And this is the the brilliant, the AI, the end option, which likewise has given us so that we can offer people movement and give them some some additional praise for that in, in the terms of the game and this other selection of playing the game.

03:19 – 04:03

Speaker 2

And basically the game consists of several tasks which are tied together in loops and all these tasks. If you fulfill them and do them correctly, they give you some points and eventually you are awarded with a virtual medal, which is graded from from the percentage of points you got. It sounds a little bit complicated in the beginning, but whenever you start playing the game and start moving, it’s very self-explanatory and very, very easy to play.

04:04 – 04:59

Speaker 2

And I’m going to give you an example. Well, basically, this is the the game, how it looks visually. You walk and then you get one the second, third and fourth question. Each of them is a split in distance. So you get one question and then you answer it. Then you move forward, you get the second one and you have to remember or some sort of right down there, the answers, you get the correct answers because then you get after these four questions, you get the loop solution, then point question and you see that you get only one point for that. And the basic questions and then the main question is very abstract.

2 Solution

Tags: Loop, Solution, Game, Meeting, application

05:00 – 05:47

Speaker 2

Let’s say I’m going to give you example in the next slide. But but this look for a solution world can can be solved only if you know that and correct answers some of the previous questions and we have build the game so that you win never the last you don’t know that this solution or you just. Didn’t memorize the something because we have an extra question which costs additional points coming after the loop solution. If you haven’t done it with the first attempt and then you have the second attempt, which which costs only nine points and the third one which, which is five point question.

05:48 – 06:26

Speaker 2

After these questions, you, you get the information, which is a summary of all of this loop. This is this is blood. What you’re seeing your screen and and after you have solid video, you you get this summary, some text information, what you just received, what you need for playing the game is only the smart device with the Internet connection and the with application. We have made it so that you can play the game anywhere in the world.

06:27 – 07:09

Speaker 2

And, and this is wonderful because then you can have it within your business meeting, which is online or hybrid, or you’re just going to meet up and start playing this game from the place you are, which was very, very useful during pandemic time. Some people didn’t meet and some had very strict restrictions of when they can go outside. So basically you can play with it in your garden or wherever. It doesn’t need to be set in a specific location, although we can and have done this as well.

3 Information

Tags: big loop, Game, Information, task

07:10 – 07:49

Speaker 2

Okay. I’m going to give you an example of a loop. A loop consists, as I said, of four or five masks, which gave you some information for the big loop question. And let’s say yeah, you get asked where it answers are morning cup aroma beans. So you collect all of these four answers together. You have to memorize them. Or in the new version you just have to see in the playground list all these correct answers.

07:50 – 08:11

Speaker 2

And the big loop question would be, what is this drink? So judging from all these correct answers you got, you you decided that it’s coffee, you and the correct drink name or word and get and event points immediately.

08:11 – 08:48

Speaker 2

If you put something else like or or water, they’re going to give you an extra task extracting which which is going to give you some more from additional information so you can go can get the points the, the game is built so that, that, uh, for, for everyone, even the ones who are not that bright and if you can say so, so there are three options and we have lots of hints during the game.

08:48 – 09:14

Speaker 2

In every question you can get a hint which can help you figure out the correct answer and get points. And yeah, and basically they’re the idea of the game is to get as many points as possible. And the sooner you answer the the big group question, the more points you’ll get. And so.

4 Why is this game so useful?

Tags: Game, Project, local government, Finland, Region, Loop, Fun, Baltic States, Europe, application, theme, Meeting, Filecoin, Event, Energy, London, Information, Smith

09:15 – 10:09

Speaker 2

Why is this game so cool and useful? As I said, you can play anywhere. Basically, we have run this game in in public projects, in corporate games and local government projects and you name it. We have adopted it to so many cases. I can not mention all of them here. For example, when it was not allowed to, to meet and do stuff together. Uh, majority of the projects, ongoing projects were put on, on hold or, or done remotely. So this was one of the, the opportunities for people to get together.

10:09 – 10:50

Speaker 2

We just, uh, had a theme gods the, the loop in this theme. So we made the theme game. The game usually consists of eight loops, which is like, which is the best amount we have known during the games we have played. And uh, as to the corporate, corporate and games and, and experience, we have got so many good ones.

10:50 – 11:39

Speaker 2

And the first of them which, which is, which sticks in my memory was like Smith playing the game which was played initially in, in that they had a meeting organized in the uh, well they had in mind that they, they’re going to organize the meeting in Finland but since it was nobody was going anywhere. The people playing from their homes and they did it from, from all over the Europe and in London, they played then in Baltic States, some of them, a majority of them, as I said, they were in in in Finland in northern parts and regions of the country.

11:39 – 12:25

Speaker 2

So they had this game in 2020, in in August, and they they had a conference online. And then after that, we presented them a short of instructions and then gave them code. Access to the locker is up. They had the information previously that they have downloaded the application and, and off they went. And after few hours which they spent actively moving around their neighborhood, they, they came back and we met online and, and basically we told the results of the game, uh, what the points are for the, for the winners and for everybody else.

12:25 – 12:52

Speaker 2

And we had these photos of them which they took during the game, and it was basically a successful project. And uh, these have been many and you can see some of them live stream here. Uh, but it’s a very democratic way how to organize the project in these times. There are some things you cannot affect.

12:53 – 13:41

Speaker 2

Uh, yeah. Basically, the one other thing I would like to mention is these local government projects which we have created, many of them, uh, some are played, can be played only as a certain region. So we invite people to advance certain parts of our country or another place in the world. And whenever they arrive there, but not in this specific place, they are, they receive the, the entrance or the door to the game. And after that, they can play these game within the region.

13:41 – 14:22

Speaker 2

They are and and again, this loop or a ball game which can be played as they go wherever they choose, it can be played in the in the city, in the outskirts of the city, in the park or in on a nature trail. And it’s up to them to up to the people are choosing their own rule, their own base. And eventually they get points. And this is. Probably one of the best things about this game and about the options like this gives us.

14:24 – 15:13

Speaker 2

So you can see some of the photos from the game. We are actively using augmented pictures in the game, which is one of my my favorite parts of the projects which I personally sometimes guide or give instructions to online. And whenever we collect and show these pictures with people doing some funny stuff, then we really get the energy back from them because online projects and online events are something different and you don’t get to meet the people and see their reactions.

15:13 – 15:49

Speaker 2

And whenever you see that, they they got fun and they had fun during their playing and and are smiling. And after they meet back online, we see them having fun. Then it just warms our hearts and gives back some energy. So we actively use them and we suggest to use them. We also implement them in Filecoin these little games here.

5 The Loop Game

Tags: Game, Silber, Loop, Latvian, presentation

15:52 – 16:42

Speaker 2

Basically I tried to explain about the Loop game or Silber, as we call it, in Latvian. And yeah, I’m sure there are some things you didn’t understood or just want to have some deeper insight. So here are my contacts and you can write an email or just text me or call me and just give me a call. And I’m going to try to answer everything and and well, basically provide you with some some more information because the game is quite complex to make.

16:43 – 17:36

Speaker 2

We worked on it for about like half a year to make it perfect. And we, we tested out in public events for for a long time in 2020. And now we have this golden God and we have this and this game builds so that the majority of the people who are doing it, they will be satisfied with what they have done and achieved. Yeah, we are basically this is it from my side. I think I have told everything what they wanted. Maybe, Lisa, you have some questions for me.

17:36 – 18:00

Speaker 1

Or you gave a very thorough overview of it. And I’m very grateful you found time to join us here today. So thank you for the presentation and I really hope to see you in the future with other games in this game. Bringing a game on series. And I wish you a very successful season ahead.

18:02 – 18:33

Speaker 2

Oh, it does. It started very well. So thank you, Lisa. And thank you for having me. And thank you, everybody, for watching. And I hope that we can meet again back sometimes in an in person, as we used to do, but that while we don’t enjoy the little games and the hope of a visit our website w w w through the portal.

18:33 – 18:43

Speaker 1

We thank you for that and see you in next episodes. Bye bye.

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