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Hiding your players’ actual location

Recently we launched a feature of “Allow clicking on map”. That feature has made indoor games with a world/specific location map or photo overlay of a floor plan possible. You can find more info on that feature here:

What is a valuable addition to the “Allow clicking on map” is a “Hide my location” feature. Hiding location avoids the situation when in an indoor game, the players’ are going to center themselves on the map with my location button. Yet, the game on the map is not placed on their location. With hiding location, it’s not possible to center yourself off from the play area. 

Also, “Hide my location” hides the “blue dot” that indicates the player’s location and that is used for navigation.

Also, it can be a possible implementation case in outdoor games, when the game designer doesn’t want to make the orienteering for the players easy and encourages them to navigate by street names. 

The difference between with and without “Hide my location” (the button on the upper right corner):

Without “Hide my location”. Location centering is available.
With “Hide my location”. Location centering isn’t available.

The “Hide my location” feature is available on Loquiz platform: 

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