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5 digital treasure hunt game ideas for eventprofs to be one step ahead

Coming up with original ideas in the event industry is a constant race. Both clients and competitors push eventprofs to invent and innovate. For every new season, there needs to be something new in the activities portfolio.

Games offer a good room to innovate and customize. Digital treasure hunt games, team building adventures and serious games allow to come up with new game ideas and activity products.

On Loquiz platform it is possible to bring into life different concepts. Here are just five suggestions for a digital treasure hunt. These can be an inspiration starter for the activity products you can build.

1 Escape game. Everyone is familiar with indoor escape rooms. But what about turning a park or city area into one? In this game, certain areas have to be avoided and players have to to find a way out within time.

2 Gather stuff. You probably know a game where players have to visit locations outdoor and “clean the gameboard” from pins. In this game action starts with an empty gamefield and pins start appearing once the game progresses.

3 Spy or detective mystery game. Cracking code is a time-old classic but much quicker and easier to run digitally. The bonus- you can integrate characters and create the atmosphere with video, audio and images. Both indoor and outdoor.

4 Game show. We all know classic TV shows where the brainiest person goes home with the prize.

5 Gathering. While most games are based on heavy competition and conquering other teams, Gathering is a collaboration and communication game where the enemy is the game.

Bonus! Saboteur. This game idea focuses on someone being the mole, trying hard to make the team lose and team keeping up to win.

With Loquiz platform you can bring into life your own game ideas or start running some concepts straight out from the box.

Got curious and want to try? Ask for a Loquiz demo:

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