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Game idea – Quiz battle

Here’s an idea for an intensive and competitive quiz. Easy to prepare and should be fun to play.

The main idea is that people are the triggers for questions. Each person is the trigger for one question. So you need to hunt others down to open your questions and answer them. Cooperation is an option, but so is competing, bargaining and even hiding. Each correct answer gives the players points, so you need to work to get the question open and then answer it correctly.

How to prepare?

There are several ways of achieving the setup in Loquiz. We will cover one option with QR codes and another one with Clues.

QR codes

Prepare as many questions as you have players in the game. So one question per every participant. You can start off with random questions. Create a rogain game out of those and assign absolutely random places to every question just checking that no question is in the place you are running the game. Make sure that questions cannot be activated by going to them.

Now grab the QR codes for the game, download them and let the agency print out the T-shirts – one QR code at the back and front side  of each T-shirt. Now you are all set.

Playing the game

The only way to open the question is to use the QR reader (because the locations are too far away).A player needs to scan somebody`s shirt (back or front) to open the question. When the question has been opened he cannot scan other questions, but is still “vulnerable” to be scanned by others.

Clue game version of the game

The most basic version can be prepared with the basic Rogain game.The clue game will make the interface much better for the player. Again add one Question per person and print out the QR codes. In the  edit mode of the game (activation screen) add a passcode to each question (can be the same code that nobody knows, so they cannot activate the question by the code). Do not worry, the questions can be still activated by QR. The player needs to scan the QR-s and sees the question list growing smaller. You can also state in the hint box the name of the person who might open this question, so it is easier to keep the track.


The clues are a way of attaching questions to the  objects without the QR codes (or any other means for that matter). So instead of QR codes you can state in a clue game “this question will open if you enter the eye color of our CEO” or “the question will open if you enter the height of our tallest colleague). Thinking up a clue per person might be tough, but it is worth it.


So far we have been playig with random questions. But what if the questions are built so that different people can advice on different questions (and there is a hint who could help). So you scan somebody to get the question open and then need to get the consultation from somebody else to answer it correctly. Possibly offering something in return.

What if somebody is missing?

If somebody is missing then no harm is done. These questions will remain closed for everybody, so the game still works.

All above is just an idea. We have not tested it. If you have done something similar or will test this out, let others know!

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