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Case study- team training game on smart devices in Läckö, Sweden

Läckö Castle is a fabulous medieval castle in Lake Vänern region, Sweden. It is one of the most appreciated attractions included in Lonely Planet’s top list of destinations in Sweden. Every year they hire seasonal employees as castle guides, ushers etc .

Lacko castleBefore each season there is a training session for a new staff and the day is finished with a nice dinner together. In this setting they needed to conduct a team building activity which would also contain a good amount of learning and training in it. This year they chose to run an team training game on smart devices created with Loquiz.

team building game tasks

From Läckö`s side the input to the game was done by nature education specialist Sofia Wennberg. From Loquiz team, Lennart was responsible for conducting and facilitating the game.
The learning presentation of Loquiz was conducted in March when the management of Läckö Foundation had the opportunity to test Loquiz. It involved collaboration function with their input for the game to have questions about most important issues within the game.

team training game on smart devicesA week before the actual exercise Lennart  met Sofia for reviewing, correcting and completing the questions. We also tested locations set  outdoor so all the questions had been positioned correctly. Among other things, some questions needed to be set to another location because of  newly grown grass.

The game took place in April. After a short 10 minute briefing and breakdown of rules  the race started. The participants were very quick to jump into action and headed out even before the last tips were given : ).  

gps team building game

Amongst serious stuff, the questions had image examples with some team tasks that people had to perform. This involved some physical and creative exercices that required a photo as proof. For example, “Mimick the statue of the old Count of Läckö!”

team building game fun tasks

This type of game blends together knowledge about the topic, fun, logic questions and team spirit. The whole game took about 2 hours.

outdoor team building adventure

Once again in the beautiful Victoria Hall, just south of the castle, it was time for the awards ceremony. The team called “Best” was also the best. Watching the photos of team tasks taken during the game, gave everyone some good laughs and memories to keep. The awards ceremony finished the game with nice articles from Läckö gift shop.

team building game results

The summary of activities by Loquiz to bring this event into life :

Introducing the concept (about 1 hour)

The query link distributed to those who  participated and created questions

The review of the issues, some corrections and additions (about 2 hours)

The gameday:

The review and start (15 minutes)

The implementation of the competition (45 minutes)

Results and the awards ceremony (30 minutes)

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