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Case study – mobile team building game in Møns Geocenter Denmark

Møns Klint is a breathtakingly beautiful cliff in southeastern Denmark. White limestone contrasts with an emerald green sea and takes colourful displays during sunset and sunrise. From the highest point the white cliffs plunge 140 meters straight down into the sea. Along a 7-kilometer-long cliff coastline, there are many options to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

mons klint

In March Jens and Lennart from Loquiz team facilitated a successful event in one of the best places to stop by in the region, Mon Geocenter. The  goal of the event was to learn how to create and facilitate games on smart devices, learn few new things and of course have some serious fun! 24 people of all ages who work in the Mon Geocenter team took part, as well seasonal employees in 2016.

team building game GPS mobile team building game

The important part of the discussion was about how a mobile team building game in an event for 100 people takes 10 people to facilitate it, and how the same event with smart devices takes only 1 person to run the occasion.

team building game task 900


During  90 minutes the game participants had a chance to move actively outdoors in beautiful nature scenery, learn and do some amazing team tasks. See video from the game with acrobatic team building tasks HERE

The game had also manned team task locations. For example, in one spot there was a representative from the Nature Agency. The purpose of this location was to inform about what would happen if emergency vehicles needed to enter the area and how the staff must act then. When the teams had completed the task in the point, they were given the code as an answer from the representative.

manned team building game location-900

During the game the results were  continuously shown on the big screen. So it was possible to monitor how the teams were moving on the landscape, the score, time and distance. Also, ongoing wall of photos which the participants took on the exercises, were conducted.

team building game on smartphones

Some comments from the participants:

-”This gives us great opportunities to adapt games to school groups who come to Mon to learn more about the history of Denmark.”

-”It’s ingenious”

-”With minus point radiuses we can decide where we do not want people to go”

-”We will create about eight fixed loops where our visitors can run!”

– “An excellent system for teachers”

-”To work on team building and strategy for companies and organizations”

– “We will take a decision here and now to buy 10 tablets :)”

team building game on smart devices


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