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How to make boring corporate team building questions awesome?

questions for corporate scavenger hunts

Questions with multiple answers (pick as many as are correct) or multiple choices (pick one correct) might seem boring to answer. Especially when they involve something everyone knows and expects from a corporate team building session  (or at least should know!) Well, it’s the right time for some creative twists in your questions for corporate scavenger hunts!

Making people think about a simple fact in a different way can make facts easier to remember. We have written about covering the most important subjects about your company before in “How to gamify business?”
But here are 3 tips to apply instantly while creating questions to make them even more attractive.

corporate team building

Tip 1. Simple mathematics.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Adding and multiplying something will do the trick. But why not use something that encourages participants to learn about colleagues and interact in real life? Good to use in orienteerings and, new employees, or refreshment training for “oldies”.

What year was our company founded? Pick all correct answers!
a) Our accountant Jim’s age + 1900
b) 1916 + 8
c) Price of item no. 629 in our shops sales list + 89

How much growth in %  we are expecting for next year in sales compared to 2015?
a) Sales revenue of 2015 / 50 000
b) 2%
c) Sales manager Jane’s cabinet number – 121

Tip 2.”Odd one to the bunch”

Means you add something that is not included in the real list actually. “Odd one” can be even strikingly different or absurd to add fun. An obviously wrong choice is good to use in strategy game decision points.

Example: Let’s assume that a company’s values are cooperation, quality, friendliness, reliability and sustainability.
You could make a question out of this:

Which of the following pairs is NOT in our company values:

a) Cooperation and Innovation
b) Friendliness and Quality
c) Reliability and Sustainablity

Which of the following pairs is NOT in our company values:
a) Friendliness and reliability
b) Acrobatics and juggling
c) Cooperation and quality

TIP 3.Anagrams.

These are letters of a word scrambled up into a new word (pair) in a meaningful way. Team building ends up being “Maiden bug lit.” You don’t have to scramble yourself, check out this anagram builder!

What value from our company’s mission statement does this anagram represent?:
Rail Lib Yeti?

*You will find the answer in Tip 2 : )

questions for corporate scavenger hunts

Hope these tips help you to build questions from businesses facts and surprise players with these small twists in learning and remembering facts.

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