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Team building exercise – one per day for 2 weeks

team building exercise

There are many tricks to boost your productivity in the office. The best methods involve some stretching and thinking during one exercise. Here is a list of 14 fun team building exercises for really short breaks with your team. Enough to last over 2 weeks. : )

Try these out and bring a bit of excitement into the daily routine- snap a photo as proof for extra fun. Some of these tasks are available also in the Loquiz Question Library under the tag “Team” to put into games when you build them.

1 Try it out! Can an average person lick their own elbow?

2 Try it out! Simultaneously rotate the index fingers of both hands clockwise. Do it slowly at first, but then pick up speed. Try to go fast as you can. Is it possible to keep rotating both index fingers clockwise?

3 Try it out! Is it possible to touch navel with your nose?

4 Count it up! How many people do you need to get 10 little toes?

5 Try it out! You stand in a pool filled with water covering your head at your exact height. Can you get your nose above the water to breathe if you stand on your tip toes?

6 Try it out! Four people. Tallest, Tall, Short and Shortest.
Tallest puts hand on Shortest’s knee.
Short grabs Tallest’s left hand.
Tall leans their same leg’s knee against Shortest’s left knee which doesn’t have a hand on it and grabs Short’s same hand with their opposite hand
How many right hands are left free?

7 Try it out! If you stand so that your nose, chest and pelvis are against the wall, can you put your elbows together?

8 Try it out! Is it possible to sneeze with open eyes?

9 Try it out! Is it possible to jump in the air and clap your hands and kick your feet together more than two times?

10 Try it out. Is it possible to touch your navel from behind your back?

11 Try it out! Four people stand in a row. Is it possible to join everyone’s left hands while still standing in a row?

12 Try it out! Is it possible for two people to stand side by side 1 meter apart and both look at the same direction and hold hands so that right hand holds other person’s left and left hand hold other persons right?

13Try it out! Is it possible to step on your toes from behind your back?

14 Putting your fingertips on your two hands together is an easy task. Can fingertips be put together the same way on two persons right hands? Thumb to thumb etc.

team building exercise

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