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When we started developing Loquiz, one of our aspirations was that it would make events more environmentally friendly. It would make running games more environmentally friendly.

Usually when I present this idea to somebody they would say that yes we get it: “running games in traditional ways will waste a lot of paper. There is a box full of papers with clues and maps in every event. ”

But in our minds this is not where the impact comes from.

The second thing that is pointed out is that running games in traditional ways usually means that there is stuff (clues, checkpoints etc.) you need to put into the environment. And unfortunately some of that is not cleaned up after the event, clues will hang there forever and look ugly. Very far from a sustainable event.

While our goal is to not alter the environment physically, only augment virtually, this is not where the environmental friendliness comes in.

We believe that the biggest difference is that you can bring the games to the people not people to the games. The biggest environmental effect comes from the transport that is no longer needed.

This means that transfer costs are avoided and CO2 is not emitted as well as participants saving time.

How are costly transfers avoided just by using a software platform like Loquiz?

Here’s how:

It is pretty common to run meetings in small holiday houses or seminar centers. Whether there are no suitable meeting premises in the office or the manager feels he/she needs to take people off-site for some reason. Pretty often these kinds of meetings also have an active element to them. Doing something together. Pretty often, smaller institutions do not have very good opportunities for those. So, people need additional transfer to the adventure park, canoeing river etc. Not always, but still quite often, getting to these places from the seminar place means additional transportation back and forth.

Since Loquiz helps game creators to augment reality, then games can be built into locations with little space and features. Money, time and environment saved.

The second part of the equation is preparing those games. Lets say you are building a game for a site you have not visited before. Traditionally, it would mean at least one visit for scouting, one for preparation and carrying the event out and then the cleanup (removing clues etc.).

With Loquiz this happens instead; scouting and game preparation happen online using satellite photos and maps. No travel involved. On site visit only happens when game is carried out and if something needs to be added or modified this can be done because the setup is not usually needed.

It is at least one less travel per every game. And that counts.sustainable event

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