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Corporate scavenger hunt ideas – clue list for indoor treasure hunt

While conducting an indoor team game, it might seem that the only option is to sit behind the ol’ round table or stay in one room. However, there are scavenger hunt ideas to make people move around indoors, looking for clues inside and interacting with colleagues.  Following the clue list will give some examples which you can use for your corporate scavenger hunt.

You can adjust these questions clues and riddles for your own hunt to match objects and people in the venue. In some locations, players can find the answer in their surroundings but in some cases you can hide the answer or the extra question on paper somewhere near everyday objects.

1 ) Out of what material is our Learning and Development division’s assistant Cody Camaro’s book shelf made? 3-letter word.

2) What is Jane Smith’s (hotel administrator, sales secretary etc.) hobby when she is not working? 

3) The answer is the meeting room number xx’s door color. You get the room number if you divide marketing manager Mary Peacock’s years she has worked with our company from accountant Jack Bear’s years worked with our company. 

4) What is the color of the vase of the orchid plant in the hallway in front of the accountant’s office.

5) Find the round fountain (it is next to marketing team meeting room). How many dolphins are in the fountain?

6) In this seminar center, there is a hotel (office building, resort etc.).  How many green doors are in the 5th-floor main hallway.

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7) How tall is our CFO Albert Juniper exactly? 

8) Go to the cafeteria (hotel restaurant, pub etc.). Find from the menu what fish is used in one of the main courses.

9) Find out who is responsible for organizing the annual sales meeting in our company. His/hers pet’s name is the answer.

10) The name of the known sculptor. You can find his work on the 7th floor.

Read also how to assign leadership for a team game or divide  people into teams. Hope you have fun creating your own creative indoor clues to get people active! Share in the comments below your own best specimens.

Tip: When creating your own clue game with Loquiz you can enter these clues above as pre-clues while creating questions. So it ends up in the questions list when you create a clue game for people to play indoors and move around. In that case when the clue  is answered, another question (perhaps some fact question about compnay or the event) opens up.

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