Loquiz PRO got updated

We recently updated Loquiz PRO. Functionally for the user the changes are minor, but under the hood changes are huge. New Loquiz will be both – more stable and faster to use.

There are some actions You need to take before running Your next game.

0. Please use Chrome or Firefox to access the system. Internet Explorer sometimes shows that in some games there are no questions when in fact the game is correct. If this is the case for you doublecheck with Chrome before you make changes.

1. Make sure You update Loquiz application on all the mobile devices. The old one will simply not work. Please do not leave it to the last minute before the event. Update now.

To update go to AppStore (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android) search for Loquiz and Update.

2. When logging into Loquiz PRO you most probably noticed that logging in happens with e-mail now. Username will still work, but the preferred method is the e-mail. In case you have several accounts under one e-mail then all of these will be accessible through one login.

3. In case you have been using Collaborators  the old links will not work. However we have generated new links for all the collaborators. So just send those out to your clients and they can continue where they left off.

4. We have extensively tested new Loquiz during last few weeks, but we still ask you to take a look onto your account and check that everything is as expected. It is great idea to start few games in test mode to build your own confidence that everything still works.

If you encounter any irregularities let us know at support@loquiz.com.

2015-10-26 10_50_12-Loquiz - Internet Explorer

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