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10 event tech and planning blogs you should be following

event technology

Is it a familiar feeling for you that you sign up for many industry newsletters and end up reading 0? This is why it is important to choose ones that are most relevant to your expertise and stick to those. We  gathered some of our favorite blogs  to follow (all have newsletters also) if you are working in the corporate events industry and like to keep up with relevant news. See how event tech is developing and what other professionals do and think. We hope you can pick a few that stand closer to your field of work and get some inspiring ideas from these.event tech

In no particular order, here they are with a short overview in their own introductory words.

1 Event Industry News  “is an online event magazine that provides the latest news to the events industry. EIN is read by organisers, promoters, event management and production companies, suppliers, experiential agencies, the corporate sector, local government and organisations that host exhibitions and conferences.”

Corbin Ball  “Meetings Technology Headquarters. The Web’s most comprehensive site about meeting planning, tradeshow and events technology.”

Techsytalk  Powered by Liz King Events.  “It is an edutainment platform created to elevate the conversation around the discovery and implementation of avant-garde event technology and raise the profile of our industry.”

Event Manager Blog was started by Julius Solaris. “…most talked about blog about Event Technology Trends, Innovative Event Concepts and Social Media applied to the Event Industry. Thousands of event professionals from around the globe read EMBLog daily. The blog is also a reference for the event startup community, giving space to initiatives to support innovation in the event industry.”

Training Industry “Training industry strives to provide information and tools for business
and training professionals.”

Endless Entertainment blog is run by Endless Entertainment event production company. Focused on new ideas.

7 Event Tech Brief “…was developed with three goals in mind: to assist event producers tasked with purchasing technology, create a neutral, no spin zone where the technology can be dissected and reviewed, and deliver the content that the event community wants to move their events into the future.”

8 Biz Bash “BizBash is an innovator and resource hub for the event and meeting industry with its website, magazines, and trade shows. Event organizers use BizBash products regularly for ideas and best practices that can be implemented at their own events.”

9 The Meeting Pool “The goal of The Meeting Pool makes it easy to dunk your head underwater and open your eyes to see new possibilities for meeting planning  – without the sting. What will you see? How-to guides. Honest reviews from like-minded meeting professionals. Hand-holding tutorials to guide you through the whos, whats and hows of the latest solutions that can revolutionize your next event.”

10 Special Events “Special Events Magazine is the “official and premier magazine of the special events industry in North America,” according to the International Special Events Society (ISES).”

Are you following any blogs for useful ideas and inspiration? Share your favorite one with us in the comments below!

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