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10 clever birthday scavenger hunt questions

All people have birthdays and celebrating these can be made even more fun with some games! Doesn’t matter whether you are planning to run a birthday scavenger hunt on your home party or plan to arrange birthday event package for clients- here are some fun birthday themed questions to use!

1 How many bones does the human body have when you are born and how many when you reach adulthood?

2 Quote “Youth has no age.” belongs to…

3 In China, is age counted differntly so that people are actually younger than their actual age number states. How?

4 Based on Harvard University research of birth records in the United States between 1973 and 1999,  what is the most common birthday date in the United States? This month also has the most birthdays in other countries.

5 In probability theory, what is the birthday paradox?

6 This famous person was born on 3 January 1892. His last name means “foolhardy”. His love of myths and his devout faith to Roman Catolicism came together in his assertion that he believed mythology to be the divine echo of “the Truth”. This was expressed in his writings. Type his last name to answer field!

7 The oldest verified person ever was a French woman Jeanne Calment. How many years did she live?

8 Take a photo of your team members sending the warmest birthday wishes!

9 The “Happy Birthday” song originated in 1893. Author of it is Mildred Hall who thought of the tune. Her sister Patty added words. What was Mildred’s everyday job?

10 Marilyn Monroe is known for singing „Happy Birthday mr President“for John F. Kennedy at a celebration of his forty-fifth birthday on May 19, 1962. There something odd about that event. What?

These 10 questions + 5 extra : ) with answers are available when you log in to Loquiz Pro and see under “Questions” Question Library. So you can use these when you create your birthday scavenger hunt online and let people play on smart devices.

You can also try playing free indoor birthday game sample with these questions:

Steps to start playing are three:

1. Install Loquiz app to your smartphone or tablet from Google Play or AppStore

2. Start Loquiz app

3. Enter username: birthday2 and password: bquiz

Go ahead, try out and let us know how these questions worked for your indoor or outdoor birthday scavenger hunt!
Also read more about how Loquiz works for private games or how you might benefit from it’s features for corporate use. Check out the user story about creating birthday treasure hunt.

When you have an idea for private adventure or birthday please contact us about teams to play at: 

Edit 1.6.16 Find the nearest provider in your country or region that provides games created with Loquiz for your one-time private event.birthday-scavenger-hunt

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