How timing works?

You can set a time limit for every game you build with Loquiz.  Players will see the timer counting down on their screen. Showing time left in a game. Counter turns red when 10 minutes is left.  If you do not set timing (set it unlimited) then players will see time counting up.  It is as simple as that. But there are some specifics you want to be aware of when running  games. 

Timer starts when player starts the game

To be specific timer starts when team has entered team name and pressed start (in some games). So it is individual.  Even if everybody starts roughly at the same time there will be some difference (usually in seconds).  If you start later your timer starts later and your finish is also later.

Occasionally instructors ask that what if somebody comes really late, we want them to have less time so he will be back with others. For that just change the game length in Loquiz PRO. All the ongoing games will not be touched, but newly started devices will have new and shorter time limit.

Stopping timer is complicated

We have done what we can to keep the timer always running. So you could not steal time. But it is theoretically possible to switch off the device or force stop the application and gain an advantage through that. Just surfing away from Loquiz will keep the timer on.

Game is finished when time is up or…

Thumb rule is following.

Game is over when you have answered all the questions (quiz, clue game, freeflow game) or reached the end (scenario game) or when the time runs out.

For example in freeflow rogain games all the locations disappear from the map when the time is up. Only finish remains. In scenario games finish point activates so it is the only point to go to.   So player has no possibility to play longer then set time limit. However  sometimes the timer can go above the time limit.

In outdoor games the timer stops in a finish field.

If you manage to answer all questions (or reach end point in scenario game) within time limit, then your game time  stops when you are at the finish point physically.

Also if your time runs out, your clock stops at finish field. Imagine, your time runs out 1 km from the finish. Your timer will stop when you are physically in finish location. So in 90 minute game you might get 96 minute time. It does not mean that you have more time to answer questions. You just game back later than others.

In case player decided to quit the game before the time runs out and you still had pins on a table your timer will not stop. It will show the last answer time.  If you leave the device on, then at some point your time runs out and your time will be exactly the time limit time (in our example 90 minutes).


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