Game cloning and more

We have some pretty exciting news again.

Most importantly you can now clone games. This will give you the opportunity to use existing game as a base to create a new one.

Just clone a game, change what needs to be changed and you have a new game. You do not have to clone a game if you just want to let new clients play existing game.

What is event more exciting is that you can now freely change the game type in existing game. Creating different type of games with same question/location set is now easier than ever.

It has alread been used in an occasion when due to the bad weather organizers needed to shift game from outdoors to indoors in matter of minutes.

Editing and creating questions within a game

Now you can create new questions without leaving the game edit mode. Newly created question is added to the database as well as to the current game. So it is instantly usable and can also easily be used later when creating new games. You can also edit questions right in the game. The changes will reflect back to the question database and also into the games where the question is present. To prevent that you can easily clone a question and use it solely on your existing game.

More flexibility on answer feedback

You can now independently choose three options to notice players about their answer

  • Show if the answer was correct or incorrect
  • Show after answer comment if present
  • Show correct answer after user answered incorrectly

So you can now use after answer comment for giving user more insight into the matter and declare the correct answer automatically.

Incorrect answers give negative points

You can now decide how incorrect answers behave in some game types. By default incorrect answer gives zero points, but you can tick a box so they give negative points equal to the difficulty of the question. This is supported in Android at the moment. Will be supported by iPads when the next version is approved by Apple.

Go and check out the changes for yourself!




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