Loquiz – best on tablet computers

In today’s post I am going to explain why we have created the Loquiz app for tablet computers instead of smartphones.
Loquiz is known to be a team game, it is often used for team building events, friends who want to compete against each other, conferences etc.

As it is a team game, it’s obviously more useful if all the team members can keep track of the progress and be equally involved in the game. Therefore, the size of the screen is the first big advantage tablet computers have in front of smartphones. This allows the whole team to gather around the device and create a discussion. As you know, it is also possible to include questions containing pictures or videos. Using a tablet computer gives the whole team the chance to see the picture/video at the same time and avoids playing it numerous times for everyone to see and therefore also prevents the team from wasting valuable time.
It is also more comfortable for the players to use the touch screen of a bigger device. In cold weather it is sometimes more difficult to be very precise but having a bigger screen helps the team avoid this problem.
We also hand out little bags for the tablets as this helps to protect the tablets from any water damage and makes it easier to carry them around as well.

Another very important advantage of tablet computers is the battery life compared to smartphones. Using the GPS function drains the battery pretty quickly but tablet computers have enough in them to last even a longer game of Loquiz. Over time, we have seen that if the battery of a tablet computer is fully charged, it will last until the end of the game. In colder conditions, sometimes there is very little battery left at the end of the game but it is always just enough. It’s a safe bet in the warmer conditions that the battery will last. It’s been tested out in far north – Estonia and Finland. For example in the UK, there will never be problems because of the cold.
Samsung tablets have been the more problematic ones if we think about battery life, experiments have shown that the Apple iPad simply outclasses other tablets on the market.

I hope this post helped everyone understand why we prefer tablets to smartphones and why they are the best devices to play Loquiz on. Although, we will not rule out the possibility of creating a Loquiz app for smartphones in the future… 🙂

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