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Can you see? Really!?

There is so much you can do with photos in the questions. One easy-to-do but  surprisingly difficult-to-see solution are good old stereograms. These are the pictures that hide 3D pictures in them. Point is to see  the 3D part. To do that you can use several viewing techniques.

IMG_0002So if you want to take photos like the one on the left ¬†-add stereograms to your Loquiz game ūüôā


In Loquiz adding  stereograms to questions is very easy. So you might want to surprise your players with a stereogram or two in your games.  There are multitude of stereogram makers available. Here is an easy way to do it with Easy Stereogram Builder.

Just head over to this page and choose

1. PATTERN – this is the background image you see normally. Pattern can really affect how easy it is to see the 3D stuff there, so try out few if possible.

2. MASK – this is the hidden 3D image. You need to cross your eyes to see it. You can also use text if you want.

3. STEREOGRAM Рthis is your ready made stereogram.  Click to enlarge it.  3D object should be perfectly visible from computer screen.

Now you can SAVE the stereogram to your computer and upload it to your server, or you can right click and just COPY-PASTE the link into image field of Loquiz question.  You have now attached a 3D image to your question.

This is how it looks.



Can you see it?

You probably do not want to build the entire game using stereograms but few will spice up the quizzes very well.

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