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Review of a Loquiz game

I am going to give you an insight on how does Loquiz work as part of a seminar, so this blog post will be for everyone – the event organisers, people interested in playing and just for everyone who would like to see how carrying out the game looks like.

I will tell you about a game that the company 360° organised in Pärnu, the 4th biggest town in Estonia. This event took place in December and was part of a seminar held in a hotel there.
I will write from the point of view of the event organisers as I helped to organise this particular event.
For the event organisers, the day started around 12pm when we had to pick up the equipment from the office in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, located 130km away from Pärnu. Due to the difficult weather conditions we had to start our trip quite early to be sure to get to Pärnu a bit earlier to set everything up.
We arrived to Pärnu at 2pm, this gave us roughly an hour to turn on the tablet computers, type in the codes of the tickets and make sure the locations are accurate on the map. It is better to deal with this outdoors as the satellite connection is better and the Loquiz app gets the most accurate results. It has to be mentioned that since December, our app has had a few updates which mean that it takes a bit longer for the app to determine a location but it is a whole lot more accurate than it was!
The questions were set up in the office the day before so all we had to do on spot, was to turn on the devices and make sure the locations were accurate.

Once the devices were switched on and the game set up on all the tablet computers, it was the time for us to go in the meetings room. In there, all the participants were given a briefing, we also found out that some of them had already played Loquiz before as it was not the first time for this company to play Loquiz during their seminars.
As there were roughly 70 people playing, we handed out 14 devices after dividing them into teams. Everyone was given a few minutes to start the game (insert their names so that they could later be identified when the results come in.)

After that, they were off! 14 teams of 5. For the event organisers, this is when the easy part starts, we could have a little rest, have a cup of tea and some food in the meetings room and just keep an eye on the progress of the teams from our tablet computers. Loquiz really makes it very easy for the event organisers to carry the event out.
As we kept ourselves updated with the progress of the teams and saw that the first teams were about to arrive soon, it was time for us to go outside the hotel and wait for them.
Meanwhile, there was one phonecall from a team who got a bit confused with one of the questions and needed a bit of assistance. This is what the instructors are there for, the problem was solved and the team was back on track.

As soon as the first teams arrived, we got their feedback on the game, we answered some of their questions and made sure they had finished the game correctly so that app would get their results to the server. We did not let them see the results, although we had them right there on our devices. It’s a good way to keep up the tension until all the teams have arrived and it’s time to announce the results.

The teams who had already finished, could then go back to the meetings room, have a warm drink and chat until everyone had reached the finish.
As soon as everyone got there, we had the results ready and we could announce the winner. The prize from  the organising company 360°, was a big bottle of champagne. We also gave out a consolation prize for the team who covered the biggest distance during the game. All this data comes up on the screen after the team has finished the game.
I find this one of the biggest advantages of Loquiz, that the organisers do not have to mess about with the results after the game has finished. The results can be accessed from any PC, tablet computer or smartphone!

After announcing the results, we gave feedback to our office in Tallinn about the game, telling them what could be improved and what worked fine. Every event and every piece of feedback helps us improve the Loquiz app and the admin profile of the game so that we would not repeat the mistakes we have already made.
Nothing is perfect from the beginning but we are getting there! 🙂

This concluded our day in Pärnu, we were done by 5pm and could start our way back to Tallinn.

I hope the process of the game is a lot clearer now. If you would like to know more, e-mail me –

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