Allows to set the time limit for the game. The timer is shown in game upper right corner. Game ends when timer reaches zero. If you do not set the limit, then the game goes on until all questions are answered. Except scavenger game type- where the game ends when players answers the finish question.

  1. No time limit – count up timer (starts counting time from 0). Game time can potentially go on forever. Game ends when all tasks are answered and finish message is shown (Quiz, Clue). In outdoor games, game finish when all tasks (including finish task) are answered (except Scavenger – game ends when  the finish task is answered, all tasks do not need to be answered).
  2. Duration – countdown timer. When timer reaches zero, then the game ends in Quiz and Clue games and end with finish message. In outdoor game when time is over, all pins disappear from the map and finish message appears.
  3. Setting the game end time will force the game to end latest at that time.