There are some overall principles that are worth understanding to successfully build games with Creator PRO.

Task only appears in a game if an action block refers to a task. If no action block refers to a task, task will not appear in a game. So even if you have added the task to a game, you will also need to address it with an action block in order for it to become accessible for the players.

You only need to assign a location to a task when the task is included into the action block SHOW ON MAP.

From the players’ view all conditions are evaluated at the same time. When a condition becomes TRUE the action is taken.

If there are two or more conditions doing the same action they are all evaluated and when any of them becomes TURE action is taken (OR relation between the different statements)

Some task settings (QR, BAR etc.) and some game settings (duration and end time) can be referred from outside the Creator PRO interface. If so these will act as regular rules and action taken when they turn true.

When task is answered CORRECTLY it is DEACTIVATED. So it will not appear with other action rules later in a game.

You can add an action block without the WHEN-THEN statements. In this case it is considered to be always TRUE.

Finish takes the same criterias as other action blocks. When finish condition becomes true then the game ends and no other blocks are evaluated after that.

Time limit can be set within RULE BLOCKS or also set with separate configuration option at the CONFIGURATION SCREEN. If finish option is set in both ways then whatever conditions evaluates to TRUE first will end the game.