Match is exciting new game type that allows you to create multiplayer games. It works similar to Rogain game type, but location disappears from the map for all the teams if any team answers it. As it is an online multiplayer game, good data connection is needed throughout the game.

How does Match work?

In the beginning of the Match game, players see all the locations on the map and their difficulty (points).  The goal of the game is to gather as many points as possible during the time limit. Players can follow different strategies – go for several low score locations or try to get high score locations first. When time runs out all the locations disappear from the map and users are directed to finish.

While creating/editing the Match game, you have two options how the questions behave after answering. By default every question in Match can be answered only once (it does not matter if the answer is correct or wrong – question will disappear from the map after any of the teams answer it). But you can also choose other option, where every question can be answered until one team answers correctly. It means that questions disappear from the map for other teams only when one team has answered correctly. In this case when team answered incorrectly – pin disappears from the map only for them but the other teams can still see and answer it. Change these settings on “Configure” page.

How to create a game?

  1. Add questions
  2. Set locations to the questions that are not already location specific
  3. Set finish point
  4. Configure game settings – choose either you want questions to disappear from the map when they are answered (correctly or incorrectly, deafult setting) or only when questions are answered correctly. To change default settings, go to game’s “Configure” page and under “Question setting” you will find “Every question can be answered until one team answers correctly” option. Mark it, if you want pins to stay on the map until they are answered correctly. Pin will disappear for the team(s) who answered incorrectly but stay visible for the other teams who haven’t answered this question.

Create event and start playing!

Game start

All locations (also finish location) are visible on the map. Questions open when players go to the right location. Each question can only be answered by one team.

Game end

Match type of game end if:

a) Teams have visited all the locations and answered all the questions (there are no visible location on the map, except for finish) and go to the finish location. Finish message is displayed at finish location and time will stop running (game ends) there.

b) Time runs out. All the pins except finish pin disappear from the map. Note that timer actually keeps running. Finish message is displayed and timer stopped when team arrives to finish location.

Finish pin acts like any other pin in the sense that it can have the question attached to it. When team arrives to finish before finishing conditions are met (time not over and not all questions answered) they will be able to answer finish question, but finish pin does not disappear from the map. If time runs out finish question can not be answered.


NB! Good data connection is needed throughout the game. If data connection is lost, this game works like Rogain, answered locations disappear from the map when connection is restored.

What makes Match special:

  • No start field, players choose themselves where they want to start;
  • Players create their own strategy and make up their own route;
  • Questions’ scores are displayed above pins;
  • Questions disappear from the map when they are answered for all teams, so each question in the game can be answered only once;
  • Finish is visible throughout all game.