Loquiz supports single player configuration and also forming remote teams. This article only covers the feature of grouping several devices into one team. For other settings please see the Game Configuration article

Game creator can set it up in Game Configuration screen under Teams & Cooperation tab. There are following settings:

One device per team or individual player

Please see this article for further info

Multiple devices per team (beta)

This option is in Beta and might not be available on your account yet.

This option allows players to join teams at the beginning of the game. Team is now considered group of players that can have several devices connected to the team.

If this is set then the game creator can limit Max number of teams and also Max players per team. Players who log into the game will have a chance to create a team or join a team created by somebody else.

From the moment when the team is created there is 5 minute time interval during which game is waiting for participants to join the team. When the Max player limit per team is reached or after 5 minutes if the limit is not reached the game will start.

Currently the multiple devices per team have one way of operating. When any member of the team activates a task, all team members will see the same task on the screen. Every team member can answer, but only the first answer is taken into account.

Other options for Teams & Cooperation please check this article.

Joining and leaving teams

Players can join teams that have less members than Max player limit. If the limit is full then the team can not accept new players. However only active devices are monitored. So if the player stops playing or the battery runs out and the device shuts down then the place in a team will be vacant.

Players can also join teams during the game (when others have already started) if there is free places in the team (for example when somebody has stopped playing). In this case the player joining the team will continue from where the teams progress is.

Things to keep in mind when using remote teams

There is no slave and master device. Any device can activate a task to all team members. For example, if team members are in different cities around the world, they can activate a task for all team members to see.

A good internet connection is needed to use the remote team mode successfully. When playing alone then even if the internet connection breaks the game continues usually without the player noticing it. However, in remote teams mode the tasks are pushed to all team members constantly so the internet connection must be present at all times.

Costs associated with remote teams

Please note that we monitor active devices. We do not monitor how many players there are behind every screen or in the team. Depending on your package your costs may vary.

Remote team FAQs

If I set Max Players Per Team to five, will I be charged for 5 players?

No. Credits are calculated by actual devices connected to teams. It does not matter what the limit is really. So if the limit is 5 but only 2 people with 2 devices has joined the team then it is calculated 2 credits.

For advanced users – we only count devices. Imagine team of 4 persons, 4 devices is playing and they have answered 6 tasks. so it is 4 devices (4 credits) counted. Now one of them discontinues to play and exits the game. And now somebody else joins that team. it would still be 4 as there are 4 simultaneous players (with 4 devices)…. However if the 4 persons with 4 devices are playing and extra player with device joins during the game, then 5 credits are automatically counted.

Does user need to report how many players are behind every device?

No. We are monitoring devices only. No difference if there is one or several players looking at the same screen.

Can all players in a team answer the given question?

Anybody can activate a task and it will appear to every team-member screen. Also anybody can answer, but only the first answer is taken into account. So it does not matter who answers, but the first answer that counts and one answer taken into account.