For example start to design you app adding your company logo.

Account-specific logo – shown in all the events created on your account and on log in screen. To add it, click on your username on top right corner, choose “Account settings” from drop down menu, go to “App design” tab and insert your logo. You can upload logo from your computer or paste straight URL link. Now all your events will feature this logo instead of default Loquiz logo.

This is an account-based setup. You can add an account logo, company brand colors that are valid as long as the game design does not change it separately in the game.

Task background image

Upload an image to be used as a background for all the tasks and after answer comments within a game. This will allow the game creator to create a themed background to the game. 

The screen will be filled with the image, so that part of the image will not be visible if the ratio does not correspond to the screen size. Maximum size for the task background image is 10mb. The image will be resized on the server to the size of 1200 px for longer side.

Color (links and buttons)

Customizable colors for buttons, links and icons in the games. 

The colors that are assigned to your account will be the “by default” colors and will apply to the games in these cases if you are not selecting theme colors for the game.

  • The first color is the primary color used in the app. Most of the buttons and links will be with this color.
  • The second one is the additional color that applies to error messages, game timer, navigation arrow and some texts.

Adding Media

Pictures, videos and audio sounds always attract people. Read more about adding media.

Adding picture overlay onto map

Loquiz now allow users to add picture overlay onto the map in outdoor games (this feature is in Beta, so use with caution!).  This picture can be a detailed map, drawing, tourist map, photo, sketch, icons  etc. Read more to find out how to add and modify picture overlay. Read more


Or alternatively, add images as playgrounds for indoor games to captivate players’ imagination. Read more about playground.