These are rough estimates on how much data one game uses.

Download volumes

At the beginning of the game (so you could use Wifi for these):

Game file is downloaded in the beginning of the game. For average game it is less than 100 kb.

Then map of the area is downloaded as well, this is usually less than 1 Mb.

In case you are using picture overlay on your map, also this picture is downloaded. Size depends on the image size. It should not be more than 1-2Mb generally.

During the game:

If user switches to Aerial image (they can do it within a game) 1-5 Mb is added.

If you have photos in your game, then these will be downloaded when accessed – from 100kb up to 5Mb depending on the image size per image.

If you have videos in the game, then these are streamed from the internet directly, so it might be from 1 Mb up to 10-20 Mb per video.

In case you have webpages in the device then these are also accessed live when needed. Usage might be from 100kb up to several megabytes.

Upload volumes

We are uploading game data after each answer to the server (results, location etc). If the connection is not present then this transfer is delayed. The volume for average game does not exceed 100 kb for the entire game.

If you have photo questions in a game (the questions where teams need to make photos to answer) then these are uploaded with reduced quality. One photo size usually does not exceed 500kB, but this depends on the device and photo.