If  you need to distribute individual tickets for your games, then use batch created single-use passwords for your event.

 In order to do that you need this feature to be activated on your account. Contact info@loquiz.com for that.

Creating an event

Within Game edit > Gonfiguration > Batch codes you can enter a number of unique passwords you want to create for the event. List of 5-letter passwords will appear. Copy and paste the list into any program you need to distribute or print them.

The player can start an event using the Event Username (this you can set yourself in event basic settings) and Batch Password combo. Every password can only be used once to register a team and will not be usable after that. The team started with Single Use Password can still be normally resumed on another device (by using “Or resume with existing team”).

If there is a team registered with Single Use Password then this password will be crossed out in the list and the registered team and date of the usage is shown. All the players that start the same event appear on the same results table, even if they use single use passwords for starting an event. Date and year

Adding Single Use Passwords

You can add Single Use Passwords to the list by typing in a number which you want to be added and then push Create (up to 1000 Single Use Passwords can be created at once).  Existing passwords will be intact.

Special considerations

  1. We deduct the team credit from your account when the player answers the sixth task. So registering a team and starting a game does not mean that you will spend team credit from your account. If for any reason the game does not work for the player then this will probably come out before answering 6 tasks.
  2. The event can still be started with Regular Username and Password combination as well.
  3. It is advised not to activate Chat when using Single Use Passwords for an event.