The Waiting Game – for virtual meetings

For starters try the game on your own for free and compete on the international leaderboard!

1)Download Loquiz from Google Play or Appstore
username: waitingisfun
password: waitinggame

and start playing! Or scan QR from the gallery on this very page to start.

When you desire to play privately with your colleagues sign up for a free Loquiz trial and use the Waiting game template on your account.


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Are you prepared for the least awkward webinar in the world? Tired of tedious waiting in the zoom, google, or another virtual meeting before the start? Break the awkwardness and boredom with the Waiting game!

Fill time from 10-35 minutes before the start of the meeting and get people talking. No more awkward silence!

The Waiting game has puzzles that can be solved independently as well discussing with other participants. Pop-culture, music, technical questions, trivia puzzles in the cryptic form get people talking. When a task is answered it disappears for everyone. As the end result, all participants as a unified team will clean the game-field to reveal a picture.

  • Attendees need just a smartphone and some googling skills.
  • Suitable for 4-44 people meetings.
  • This game is best when played fully online where everyone is at their own (home) office.

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