Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Object Finder

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Loquiz results
Rank Team Score Correct answers Incorrect answers
1 Buzzy 514 26 1
2 Test21246 471 25 2
3 equipo 463 26 1
4 team test 419 24 7
5 Test 404 23 2
6 DBJ 402 23 12
7 kassiopeya 392 21 4
8 DBJJŠ 380 24 6
9 Dogs 371 23 4
10 Nejau Nezinu 364 24 5
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Let the scavenger hunt for real-life objects begin! In barely 30 minutes, find 15 items from the real world, scan them with your smartphone and unlock challenges to earn points. You will need to take cool augmented reality photos, create new artwork with you, your team or pets as the main stars! The winner is the player with the highest score.

This accessible game can be played from anywhere in the world by anyone.

Players: From 1 to 999 (each player needs their own device)

This is a ready-to-play game!

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