The Demo Adventure by Loquiz

The game specifics:

  • this is an in- and outdoor game and requires walking;
  • takes under 10 minutes to try
  • can be played in any place of the world
  • shows off some of the cool features you can too build your games with
  • you can play it alone or within teams

If you want you can start the game right now and compete in the international scoreboard!
Download Loquiz from Google Play or Appstore

Enter username: tryloquizout

password: out

and start playing! or scan QR from the game gallery to start.

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In this game, you will discover the different features of Loquiz. Lina, a virtual member of Loquiz, will accompany you to the demo adventure. You will experience photo tasks, finding objects in the real world, and a walking challenge.

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