Human Score 5

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If you have any questions on how to set up this game, feel free to request a demo with Ivan, our in-house game expert.

The HUMAN SCORE 5 game is an icebreaker/energizer designed for team building, group meetings, and corporate events.

It can be played by ten to thousands of people.

Note: the more the merrier.

The main goal:

Find the right person, or people, to help you perform each mission (photo, video, or object finder).

The more missions finished successfully, the bigger the score.

The game itself:

  • Each player sees a playground with bingo cards (easy, challenging, difficult, object finder) and awards.
  • There is another playground with the score and time.
  • Every player plays on his/her device.
  • They have 30 minutes to succeed in many missions as possible.

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