Battle Bingo Online

Why this game is cool

  • very easy to set and play;
  • can be played online or in closed quarters (via screen and projector);
  • doesn’t require translation;
  • very flexible and adjustable;
  • awesome riddles that are ready to use;
  • everyone is playing on the same screen – NO break-up rooms;
  • fits families, teenagers, Hi-Tech, Low-Tech, and everyone else.
Try it out

Battle Bingo Online is a smart and quick game show to win prizes by solving fantastic visual puzzles. The app screen presents your visual game card. Each time you answer a puzzle, you will get one of the symbols on the game card marked. The aim is to create various combos and shout BINGO when you have collected a row, a diagonal, or a full card. The puzzles will be displayed through the video conference app you use (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) with a QR code or a barcode attached to them.

Can be played

  • Indoor
  • Phone
  • Bring Your Own Device
  • Android
  • iOS
Group size - 5-1000
Full game concept
Quick start

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