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Get started with quick-start templates

Use FREE quick-start templates to quickly build your first games. These are a quick way to run your next event, gather inspiration for your own ideas or grow your games portfolio with simple real-world games.

Implement full game concepts from pro users

Heavy users have created their own game concepts including everything from purpose created content, to game mechanics, to how to sell and run the games. Some of the users offer their creations in Loquiz Marketplace.

Create your own content and rules

Do you have your own game ideas? Rich content from the industry’s most flexible game maker - Loquiz Creator Pro, gives you the tools to turn your idea into a reality. And yes, testing is free in Loquiz, so you are prepared when you run the game for the first time.

Loquiz Real World Games


Get inspired

You will find free quick-start templates, full game concepts from other users, and the task library with over 400 ready-to-use tasks in Loquiz. Use them as they are, or develop your own ideas.


Time, duration, content, design etc. need to be customized to suit the client and occasion. In Loquiz it is easy. Ideas are cool to work on, but efficiency is what makes your business grow. Loquiz delivers that efficiency.


iOS and Android, phones and tablets. Provide tablets to teams or ask players to use their own phones. Loquiz games basically run themselves, all that is left for you to do is to sit back and enjoy. Or intervene if you want to.


Utilize Loquiz API to integrate games into your online ticketing system. Use emotions from past games to close new clients. With our results API you can even display game results in the way you want to where you want to. No limits.

Creator Pro – create your rules

Creator Pro is a block based drag&drop interface for creating rules for your games.
It is the most flexible way of creating unique game mechanics.

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Games Market

Discover ready to run game concepts!

There are many FREE quick-start templates that you can use to build your games. Loquiz users have created commercial full game concepts or you may create your own content and rules from scratch. Go to the Games Market to discover what you can already run tomorrow.

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