Some outstanding issues:

  1. Older iOS (32-bit) devices do not support showing results of Loquiz.
  2. When All tasks have a fixed time limit and the score depends on answer speed is set then with iOS deduction logic is incorrect. Only present when all tasks have fixed time limit.
  3. There is a behavior difference between platforms in Scavenger game when using score activation. With Android devices when score limit has been reached points will show but when score goes below limit then activated points will disappear again (e.g. using negative values for points). With iOS tasks will remain on the map.
  4. iOS 12 GPS problems (more info here)
  5. To download photos as a pack from results pages please use Chrome browser. Firefox and Safari do not work for downloading photos.
Important notice if you are using devices running Android version below 5.1 Lollipop (Kitkat 4.4 for example).

We will terminate official support for devices running Android lower than 5.1 at 01.09.2019.  Please consider renewing your hardware.