What is the logic of color codes?

Tasks are color coded. The task block always is the same color that the task radius color. Also on the block the task order value is shown and first words from the task text.

What happens if there are single (non-condition connected) blocks in the field? Do I need to clean up my workspace?

If action blocks sit separately from condition blocks then it means that the action will always be taken (the condition is always true). So yes, it is wise to clean up your work space so that you do not accidentally create situations where condition is always true.

Can I add all tasks from the list to the map?

You only need to assign a location to a task if the action “Show on Map” is set for the task. You can set “Show All Tasks on Map” and then you have to set a location to every task as well.

Do I need to connect the rules to make them function?

No. Every condition block can sit separately and they are evaluated separately as well. Note that it does not matter if a condition block sits above or below or right or left to another condition block, they are evaluated at the same time unless they are nested (one block is within another block).

Is there any logic of how to place rules on the field?

Not technically. The field is free to be used and any condition placed on the field will be evaluated. Note that conditions in themselves are not in any execution order. They are evaluated at the same time and if the condition becomes true the action is taken.

Where to get more info on GPS?

Learn more about GPS accuracy: GPS.GOV
Also check out the article about GPS reception.

My location blob jumps away tens of meters sometimes?

This situation can happen when GPS signal accuracy is low and device tries to use the wifi network location for the positioning. Mainly on Android. See more in GPS reception on what signals are used for positioning.

Wifi based positioning is not accurate enough for Loquiz, so to avoid that, it is ok to disable in the device settings. Wifi location might be beneficial for other applications so do it with care. Go to Settings->Location->Mode and switch the Mode to Device only. This will only use GPS for positioning and not other signals.

Why don’t you improve the location within your app?

Loquiz gets the location directly from the system. Improvements to location quality the device reports are done by improving the satellite infrastructure (new systems, like Galileo), better hardware (satellite chips within phone) and better algorithms within devices operating system. We do very little filtering very cautiously to ensure we do not decrease the location quality.

Yesterday the location activated fine, but today I can not get it to open.

GPS satellites positions change in time relative to earth (Galileo is different as it uses geostationary satellites). Depending on the time of the day, the satellite positions are different so if a location is ok for GPS one day then it might be more challenging the next day. For example close to tall buildings the satellites might be blocked by the buildings on one day, but another day more satellites might be visible because of their changed locations.

In open places the effect is not noticed, but within city streets it can be a factor day to day.

I have two devices side by side, and their location is different by several meters.

It can happen that two devices side by side show slightly different location. This is due to several factors like positioning of the devices, but also past locations. It can be especially visible if the signal quality is not the best or accuracy is ok, but player is close to tall buildings.

It is normal, and unless it affects your gameplay it is nothing to worry about. If the anomaly is large (10 meters or more) then you should check if the location is suitable for the task.

I am within a radius of a location, but the location does not activate.

This can happen indoors or close to tall buildings.

Task will not be activated if location accuracy is lower than 100 meters. To understand the accuracy zoom out and check out the blue circle around the location blob. The bigger it is the worse the location accuracy. Even if you are within the location radius but your location accuracy is weak, location will not be activated.

To improve it do not place tasks activated by location indoors and close to tall buildings.

The blob is following me, but is off by some meters.

This might happen when yo are moving on a narrow street and the blob shows you on the side of the street (on top of the building for example). This situation happens because on a narrow street all the satellites the device sees are in lined up. So it estimates signal accuracy as high, but the location is actually slightly off. Specifically the location is good in one direction (along the street), but might be off in another direction (perpendicular to the street).

What to do?

Avoid setting locations onto narrow streets with tall buildings.
If you need to do that make sure the radius is sufficiently big (20 or more meters).
Be warned that if the signal quality is low the location might not activate at all.

My location blob seems not to follow me or is slow to follow me.

This can happen if GPS signal quality is weak and therefore accuracy is low. To understand the accuracy observe the blue circle around your location blob. The bigger the blue area the lower the location accuracy. If the accuracy is worse than 100 meters then no tasks will be activated.

To fix it you need to make sure there is good satellite reception. If you are indoors, move outdoors, if you are close to tall buildings or on narrow street, move to wider street or open place. If you are in deep forest move to open places.

When building games avoid placing tasks into tight locations. If you absolutely need to do it, make the task radius larger. It will not guarantee the activation but might make it easier.

I have good internet connection but my location is still unreliable.

Good internet connection does not guarantee high location accuracy.

Loquiz relies on high accuracy location data. Mobile signal and Wifi positioning are usually not accurate enough to activate tasks within Loquiz. Having good internet connection enables fast downloads of satellite position information and helps to speed up the initial lock, but the satellite visibility is still needed to activate locations.

How do you know the location within Loquiz?

We ask for high accuracy location from respective services within device. This is compound information that combines GPS, mobile and wifi information into one and serves it to the app. The only filtering we do within Loquiz is that if location estimated accuracy is worse than 100 meters then we do not allow so activate tasks based on that location.

If your location seems to be incorrect within Loquiz it is adviced to switch from Loquiz to built in map application (Google maps or Apple maps) and see if the location there is the same. If it is then this is the best location information available for all the apps.

How many tasks can I have in a game?

Theoretically the number of locations or tasks within any given game is not limited. Practically however there are limits. Main limiting factor is the device capability to draw all the locations onto the map correctly and then update those real time.

Newer devices are better at this, older and cheaper devices are not so good doing that.

The more you use custom pins, map overlays and special rules for pin activations the more stress to the device. In reality we see that up to 100 locations are usually manageable by devices, but above that you need to check that device your players are going to use can handle that.

If you are using a lot of locations then just testing on your own new device is not enough. The players need to be able to start the game on their devices as well. So when pushing the limits please test.

Do I need an account to play a game?

No.  You just need an event-specific username and password to start a game.

What is location radius?

Location is a point. Radius turns this point into an area. When player enters this area, task activates (opens).

By default radius for  tasks is 10 meters.  The bigger the task radius is, the easier it is to activate it, but the farther away from actual location it will activate.  The smaller the radius is, the more difficult it is to activate it (because GPS is inherently inaccurate), but the risk of activating the task too far away is reduced.

In some cases you want to have really big areas for activation (when using locations on the road).  If you need to guide players very close to an object use the intro (pre-clue) for that. Locations with radius of 5 meters or less are very hard to activate. Note that if you set radius to 0 meters, then it will not activate by GPS, but still activates on iBeacons or QR-codes.

Tip! If you want to hide the task’s pin and radius from the map, use “No icon” (hidden pin) option and “Transparent” area (radius) color.

Can I use my own logo on Loquiz games? How? Where is it displayed?


Logo is shown in Loquiz app on login page, on game’s menu and at upper left corner of the map. Logo is also visible in online results pages. On phones logo is hidden to save screen estate.

By default Loquiz logo is shown, but you can also set a custom logo. To set your own account wide logo, go to “Account settings”, there you can insert logo directly from the computer or via URL.

It is possible to overwrite your own account specific logo (if set) or Loquiz logo (if account wide logo is not set) by defining event specific logo (from event creation dialogue). This allows you to use client’s logo or customized logo for specific events. Event-specific logo is only shown in the game and not on log in screen.

Read more about setting custom logo.

Can I use feet instead of meters?

Yes! Loquiz supports both – Metric and Imperial system. To change distant unit, just go to your account in PRO. Find Account Menu (on the upper right corner), click on your name and choose “Account Settings”, then click on “App” tab and under “Distance units” choose the unit you want to use. Chosen measuring system is now applied to all your games.

NB! You need to have administrator rights to access “Account Settings”.

Will games created stay on my account and for how long? How many games can I have?

Yes, all your content is there to be used until you have a valid subscription! You can create an unlimited amount of tasks and games!

All the tasks and games you create will stay on your account. We do not limit the amount of task and games on your account so go crazy  🙂

We do reserve the right to close any account that violates the terms of use.

Can I incorporate my complex clues and tasks from the paper scavenger hunt that we run?

Most likely! Loquiz supports different task types, media (image, photo, webpage), hints, clues, after-answer comment and very flexible game rules. So most probably there is a way.

We are happy to help you to convert your existing clues onto Loquiz platform.   While we do not guarantee that it is exactly like it was in pen and paper version we usually come up with pretty close conversions that are better in many ways or easier to run than before. We will help to convert agame free of charge. You can test it out and then decide if you want to use it or not. The game will be on your Loquiz account, so it is a good base for future game development in your locations.

What happens if internet connection breaks?

Short answer – nothing will happen. Players will probably not notice it. Game is downloaded to the device when it is started and it is possible to continue game even if there is no internet connection. Only exception are photos and videos – they are not uploaded to the server when internet connection is not present.  Also online results are not updated until internet connection returns. While we do not recommend it, it is possible to play the game without any internet connection (you still need connection to start a game).

Read more about mobile data connection.

My iPad does not activate any locations what to do?

To open tasks (activate locations) your iPad needs to be aware of your current location. This works through GPS system. GPS only works outdoors, please make sure you are outdoors with clear view to the sky

Please check the following things:

  1. Make sure that you are not using Wi-Fi only iPads. These iPads do not have GPS built in and therefore can not be used for location-based games.
  2. Please ensure that your iPad is running iOS version 9 or higher. Loquiz does not support versions below that.
  3. Check Loquiz app rights. Go to “Settings” in your device, scroll down to Loquiz app and check if Loquiz has “always” access to Location. Loquiz should also have access to Photos folder, Microphone, Camera and Mobile data.

Does setting language for the game or task translate the task/game into my language?

Setting language to a task helps with sorting your tasks later on. Setting language to the game sets apps interface- buttons, menu into your chosen language. But your tasks and game texts are not translated automatically.

What is “Public library”?

Public library is a collection of tasks and games within Loquiz PRO task list. It is created and maintained by Loquiz team. You can copy sample tasks from the library to your account to change, translate and use in your games but you can not change content that is in the library.

How much data volume does a game consume?

Shortly, it depends. Game itself uses less than 100kB, but if you add images, videos and webpages to your game as a media it will add several megabytes more.  So if you want to keep data volume small, try to avoid adding videos as a media to the tasks.  Also when talking about upload volumes, game data we are uploading (results, status, etc.) is small. In case you are using a lot of tasks where players answer by taking photos or videos, every photo and video will be uploaded to our server (in case of internet connection is present). Photo and video sizes are reduced for uploading but they are still up to 1Mb in size.

More detailed information about the data volumes can be found here.

Can we save the photos taken during the race and access them afterward?

Yes, photos are uploaded over data connection live to online Results page. Photos and videos are uploaded to “Photos and videos” tab and can be accessed during and after the game.  The quality of photos and videos are a bit reduced when they are uploaded to the web. If you wish to present to the client photos-videos with super quality as an end result, then you will need to transfer the pics-videos from your device(s) to computer in the end of the game via USB cable.

How many people should be in a team?

As many as you wish. There is no limit. The amount of people in one team depends on devices you use. Larger screen tablets are best to view in a  group of 5-6 people, smartphones with 2-3 people. It depends also on the tasks you use in games – e.g. puzzles need more screen viewing, some team and photo tasks work better with large team.

Can a player cheat in Loquiz?

Yes. There are ways for players with good computer skills to activate tasks without visiting them. It is also possible to use the system in a way that a player can answer a task several times. While doing so will be visible in the results later, it is still a possibility. With that in mind it is not advised to use Loquiz in games where there is high motivation to cheat. Namely offering valuable prizes for best players etc. In some cases it might be quite hard to determine the best team as several might have the same score. We advice to use prizes that are drown among participants or best participants instead.

Can I edit the game when it is ready?

You can change, copy and modify all Loquiz content- tasks and games as much as you need. So if you have a working game concept then you can change it a bit according to a client’s needs or simply shift the task locations to some other place on the landscape. You can also use the same game with as many different events as you need.

How many tasks and how much distance should 90 min game cover?

Amount of tasks/tasks, setting distance between them and total time depends on multiple components:
– do you want players to visit all the pins or it is fine if they cover some % of all pins?
– pin distances should be close enough to keep people entertained. For example couple of min of walking, task to answer, bit of walking, task etc. By bike, bus, car, boat, canoe, helicopter etc. distances should be longer so it makes sense to utilize the transportation mode.
– In cold/rainy/windy etc. weather people are able to cover less distance. Working with the smart device with cold hands is also more difficult.
– Variable landscape. Steep streets, forested areas, finding bridges to cross rivers, traffic etc. Walking 200 m on flat land compared to uphill take different amount of time.
– Your clients’ demographics. Old-young, fit- “office shape”. Physical abilities, outfit, whether they know the town or are tourists and have to try harder to find their way?
– Nature of tasks/tasks. A simple puzzle can take a 1 minute to tackle and creative photo task can take 5 minutes to find the location and stage the expressions.

When you have tested an polished your new game then it is best to allow some human test-bunnies to play it. Then you are able to implement final adjustments.