Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Loquiz Creator.

What is the logic of color codes?

Tasks are color coded. The task block always is the same color that the task radius color. Also on the block the task order value is shown and first words from the task text.

What happens if there are single (non-condition connected) blocks in the field? Do I need to clean up my workspace?

If action blocks sit separately from condition blocks then it means that the action will always be taken (the condition is always true). So yes, it is wise to clean up your work space so that you do not accidentally create situations where condition is always true.

Can I add all tasks from the list to the map?

You only need to assign a location to a task if the action “Show on Map” is set for the task. You can set “Show All Tasks on Map” and then you have to set a location to every task as well.

Do I need to connect the rules to make them function?

No. Every condition block can sit separately and they are evaluated separately as well. Note that it does not matter if a condition block sits above or below or right or left to another condition block, they are evaluated at the same time unless they are nested (one block is within another block).

Is there any logic of how to place rules on the field?

Not technically. The field is free to be used and any condition placed on the field will be evaluated. Note that conditions in themselves are not in any execution order. They are evaluated at the same time and if the condition becomes true the action is taken.