Linda Tetsmann

Games Manager

Hedi Krönström

Customer Growth Manager


Tarmo Täht

Development Manager


Ivan Digon

Sales Manager


Tauri Roots

Testing & Support

Alar Linna

Product Manager

Andres Kukk

Head of Mobile

Jens Christiansen

Head of Sales


Eric Hints



Our story

Loquiz has grown out from Estonias biggest adventure company, called 360 DEGREES. Being outdoor instructors ourselves we were constantly trying to find ways to make better games with less time and having fun creating and running those. So with the appearance of the first Android tablets the Loquiz (Location Quiz) was born.

The idea is that clients (players) and instructors (creators)  create the emotion together. You can let “outside collaborators” input content to your account so making games becomes much faster. The games are meant to be run by one person (or very small crew for huge events)  so it is efficient for your business.