Overview of most important stuff

@ no extra cost

logos, text strings, maps, icons, language, colors

We have included the ability to fully customize the app for your purposes. Starting with the logos and visuals on the map all the way to the full language file for the game. Instead of selling Loquiz games you will sell your games and use Loquiz as a tool to grow the business.

& online

Mobile connection is not perfect. So we have made it sure that Loquiz works offline as well as online. In minimum you only need wifi connection to start the games. The players will never even notice that internet connection is missing. If internet is intermittent  then Loquiz will take care that stuff gets updated when connection is present.

& grows with you

scalable platform, flexible pricing, vibrant community

Loquiz is a built to help you grow. So you can build better games faster. So you can cater for small groups as  well as huge groups profitably.  You can use Loquiz even if you are selling individual tickets. You can make existing games easier to carry out or introduce new innovative game concepts.

Seem like big words? Our business model is set up so that we only succeed if you succeed. So our aspiration to your growth goes beyond the platform.

to make you stand out

GPS, Galileo,  iBeacon, BAR codes, QR codes, Asynchronous replication, ABC

Ok, these are just buzzwords, but the point is this – within Loquiz all the tasks can be activated using all the technologies. So activity station can be activated using Milky Way bar, and Augmented Photo task using QR and… you probably get the point – everything can be activated by everything. That allows you to build stuff that works indoor as well as outdoor and switch between the two.

for feeling engaged

chat, interactivity, collaboration

Loquiz is interactive. Chat between teams and with teams, see where other teams are and how they are doing, race together to clear the area build player engagement.

However Loquiz interactivity starts already when creating games. Have you ever needed to inject client specific  content into the games?  Loquiz Collaborator feature makes it very easy for a client to add their content right into your system. You just review the content and add it to the game.

& super powerful

multiplier, teleport, fatty, speedy

We all like superheroes. Especially if you can be one. Loquiz players can. Just cross a special checkpoint and become superhero with superpowers. For limited time only. At the moment your superpower is to multiply scores. Other are on the way. Like become speed demon or really fat or just teleporting anywhere in the world.

Your ideas are not standard, so the only way to get real insight is to get in touch.