Build indoor and outdoor games for your events

Loquiz is a built to help you grow. So you can build better games faster and cater for small groups as well as huge groups profitably.  You can use Loquiz even if you are selling individual tickets. You can make existing games easier to carry out or introduce new innovative game concepts. Seem like big words? Our business model is set up so that we only succeed if you succeed. So our aspiration to your growth goes beyond the platform.

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Change the way you create, run and sell games

Time to market

Developing new services is time consuming. With Loquiz you will speed up this process considerably. With default templates you will have new games ready in no time. Loquiz stuff is here to support your efforts migrating your existing games to Loquiz platform and there is strong Community that can provide you the ready to implement game concepts.

Easily tailor for specific group

Corporate groups like and often demand the experience to be tailor made for them. Be it the location, corporate content, theme or even language. With Loquiz you can easily customize games. So the client always feels appreciated and you do not spend too much time to provide that.

Shorten lead times

Using Loquiz you will be able to rapidly respond to client needs. Many users of Loquiz actually promise to provide the services for the next day. As you need little or no time customizing events and minimum amount of instructors to carry out the events you will be able to partner up with sales channels much more easily.

Less instructors

Finding instructors is hard and keeping them busy all year round is even harder. Loquiz enables you to use less instructors per game and enables them to work on preparing new concepts during low seasons. So you can run better level service with less people.

Develop your own fun concepts from scratch

There are endless possibilities, starting form simple visual customisation to  a complex game dynamics.

A lot of possibilities

Tasks can be activated using all the technologies (GPS, Galileo,  iBeacon, BAR codes, QR codes, Asynchronous replication, ABC). So activity station can be activated using Milky Way bar and Augmented Photo task using QR and… you probably get the point – everything can be activated by everything.

Fully customizable

We have included the ability to fully customize the app for your purposes. Starting with the logos and visuals on the map all the way to the full language file for the game. Instead of selling Loquiz games you will sell your games and use Loquiz as a tool to grow the business.


Chat between teams and with teams, see where other teams are and how they are doing, race together to clear the area build player engagement. Have you ever needed to inject client specific content into the games? Loquiz Collaborator feature makes it very easy for a client to add their content right into your system.


We all like superheroes. Especially if you can be one. Loquiz players can. Just cross a special checkpoint and become superhero with superpowers. For limited time only. At the moment your superpower is to multiply scores. Other are on the way. Like become speed demon or really fat or just teleporting anywhere in the world.

15 000+ games developed by our customers

Outeractive Experiences Case Study

Event company operating in Quebec and Ontario in Canada, shares in this article thoughts about creating their games with Loquiz. What are the outcomes and key moments involved?

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What happens when event company starts using smart device games

One company officially made the record of all new users this season. Creating first questions and running the very first game was done  just in 2 days.

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Mobile team building in Møns Geocenter Denmark

Møns Klint is a breathtakingly beautiful cliff in southeastern Denmark.

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Use game wizard

Easy game wizard

Create your games using step by step game wizard or start by cloning one of the existing games. Users say Loquiz game wizard is one of the most easy to use ones around.

Efficient customization

Transposing games from one location to another is only few clicks process. All content is reusable, and can be batch edited, translated and cloned easily. PRO is built for efficiency so you can customize every event for your client.

User management

Creating games is teamwork, so you should invite colleagues and partner to your account. Make special users for your instructors with limited functionality.  You can even collaborate with clients and let them add content at dedicated URL.

Public libraries

Public libraries are information powerhouses where you can find tasks and games to use at your events. Until you develop your own fun tasks that is.

Free app to play the games

Fully customizable

We have included the ability to fully customize the app for your purposes. Starting with the logos and visuals on the map all the way to the full language file for the game. Instead of selling Loquiz games you will sell your games and use Loquiz as a tool to grow the business. logos, text strings, maps, icons, language, colors

iOS & Android app

There is no limit on how many devices you can install Loquiz application for free. Use your own tablets or ask players download Loquiz app to their phones. And You will have full control over who and when can play the games.

Tablet & phone

Freedom to choose the device, it works on tablets and phones. Your customers can use their own device or you will provide them.

Robust & Reliable

What happens if the battery on a players phone dies? They continue on another device. What about if the app closes for some reason? You just continue where you  were before the interruption. No internet? Play offline.  Sun is shining? Turn on  high contrast mode… You get the point – whatever the circumstances Loquiz just works.

Loquiz story

How to use Loquiz

Biggest event to date

4500 pax


26 +

Games developed

15 000+

Played 2019

100 000+

Users from 26+ countries

I’ve been able to adapt old game concepts that used to be a ton of work to put together on site. I can mix two together and have teams use more abilities within the same game.


After implementing Loquiz we are now using 1-2 instructors instead of 6-7 instructors in one of our typical events.


It changed the way we create, prepare and execute our events. We have far more choices to make, but in a positive sense- there are way more good choices available now then we had in the past.


Since we connected with Loquiz we have significantly expanded our sales and our options. It allowed us to add both premium and regular game concepts to our portfolio.


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