Become a Loquiz affiliate – earn from every new Loquiz subscriber!

What is this Loquiz affiliate program about?

Loquiz is a gamification platform for corporate events, team building, HR, and tourism. When you know people in these industries you can introduce the magic of gamification to them and earn $$$ from it.

How can you
benefit from affiliate program in Loquiz?

You share a special landing page with the people you know over email or chatting with them. When a person subscribes to Loquiz, you will get a % of their purchase. That is it!

If you are interested in Loquiz affiliate program leave your details below.


Where you should start?

A good start is if you know anyone working in the event, tourism or HR sector you would like to point towards Loquiz. Fill out the form below and we introduce you the terms!

Gamification platform for edutainment, engagement and team building fun!


Effortless- just share a link to your contact person!

As an affiliate, you DON'T have to do presentations, learn to use Loquiz, or provide support. Also, we don't ask for emails or phone numbers from you. Your aim is to share the link to people you know in an email, they can choose to sign up and your part is done! When they subscribe to Loquiz, you will get paid!

Request more info about getting your personal affiliate link!

If you are interested in Loquiz affiliate program leave your details below.


Still hesitating?

Loquiz has been in gamification business for over 11 years and operates in 45+ countries and host over 240 000 players yearly. By recommending Loquiz to your contacts you are in a good crowd! Just check from the video

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Discover ready to run game templates!

There are many FREE quick-start templates that you can use to build your games. Loquiz users have created commercial full game concepts or you may create your own content and rules from scratch. Go to the Game Templates to discover what you can already run tomorrow.

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Loquiz Game Creator – create your rules

Creator is a block based drag&drop interface for creating rules for your games.
It is the most flexible way of creating unique game mechanics.

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Frequently asked questions

Why I should become a Loquiz affiliate?

Gamification is a unique, creative and expanding business that benefits well being of people working in all areas of life. Why not be part of this crating this playful growing journey?

Do I need to present to people?

No! Being an affiliate is almost effortless for you. You will get a dedicated landing page for your contacts,
and example email template to write to your contacts. That is it. Once they subscribe, you will get % from their subscription fee.

What if I would like to earn more and long term?

If you are into gamification and want to commit more, we have also the option for you to be a Loquiz representative in your country! Check it out.