One Youtube or Vimeo video can be added to each task. 

Youtube videos

Use the link that is meant for Sharing from Youtube. Go to, under your video click share and copy the link.

Link will look like this:”clipID”. Where “clipID is the specific ID to your video.

Paste a link to Youtube Video section. Videos are streamed directly from Youtube servers when the video is opened.  Be careful when using videos in areas with weak connection.

Please note that if:
1. video is private it will not show in applications
2. embedding is disabled for the video it might not appear in the applications

Especially when using public videos uploaded by others it is difficult to say if the embedding is allowed or not as youtube will show the embed code anyway.

Please test the videos within the game on actual devices (iOS and Android will behave differently) to make sure the video playback is allowed.

Vimeo videos

Alternatively you can use Vime video service to show videos within Loquiz application. Use the Vimeo sharing URL and add that to the Task Edit screen of the respective task.