Similar to photo task but the answer for the task is the video. When a task opens the player to have a choice

a) to make a video

b) to skip the video.

The task is considered correct when the video is done. Skipping the video results is an incorrect answer (task unfinished).

Video length is limited to 15 seconds while shooting.

Videos (also photos) are uploaded over mobile data and Wi-Fi connection. If mobile data is present then upload starts instantly after answering. If you have no mobile data connection in the devices but a Wi-Fi connection, then videos still upload over Wi-Fi. Videos are saved in the device as well, so videos (and photos) can be retrieved directly from the devices.

Videos and photos are shown in the “Photowall” tab at the Results pages.

Video upload volumes

We are uploading game data (results, location etc.) to the server after each answer. If the internet connection is not present, then this transfer is delayed. The volume for an average game does not exceed 100 kB for the entire game.

If you have a photo task (the tasks where teams need to make photos to answer) or video task in a game, then photos/videos are uploaded with reduced quality. One photo size usually does not exceed 500 kB, but this depends on the device and photo/video itself.