Superpower is a task type that when activated, will change the game in certain way for given time. They act like a superpower in computer game and can be activated by players just by visiting the location where superpower activation is set. After that superpower affects the whole game.

At the moment there is only one superpower type – MULTIPLY. Multiply superpower will multiply all the scores within a game for a given time. So if team is quick they can get much bigger scores by answering tasks when multiply is on.

Creating superpower

To create a superpower go to:

New Task->Answer Type->Superpower


Multiply Score – at the moment the only Superpower effect.


this is the value all point values will be multiplied with. Multiplier must be set, it can not be zero but it  can be any value negative or positive apart of zero. If it is negative then it turns all following answers from positive to negative and negative to positive. If multiplier is smaller than 1, then all the scores will be diminished, if bigger than one then grown.


this is the time for how long the Superpower will be active, if empty then the superpower is active till the end of game or till next superpower is activated.

Also make sure to fill in Task text – this will be the intro text players see when superpower activates.

Superpower in a map game

Game creator will assign location to superpower as to any other content piece.

For players within map games superpower is just another location. When they go to that location then the task pops up with your custom message. When players push OK, then the content item is closed, timer and superpower icon is brought to map and all the scores (if visible) is multiplied with the multiplier. Any task the team activates within the given time will have a multiplied score.

Superpower in a quiz

For clue and quiz game types the superpower will act as a regular task, but will change the behavior of the following tasks for a given time.

Some rules

  • If superpower timer is missing then the superpower is active till the end of the game or when other superpower is activated.
  • There can only be one superpower active at any one time – superpower activated later will override the previous one.
  • Superpower location can give points itself as well. These are not affected by superpower. Superpower is activated after player clicks OK.
  • When Superpower is activated Superpower logo and timer are displayed on a map.
  • On activity station superpower changes the scale where instructor can give the points, it does not multiply scores given by the instructor.