Each question can include photo, videoclip and link to webpage.  Go to media tab in question edit screen to add media.

Media is streamed from the internet when media is opened and needs good internet connection!


One photo can be added to every question.

To add photo, just upload it from your computer. Keep the photos small, so they perform better in mobile devices.

If you are hosting the photo already somewhere in internet you can just add URL to that.  Make sure it is true link to the actual photo file (ends in .png, .jpg etc.). Again, smaller photos will perform better in slow download speeds of mobile devices.


One Youtube video can be added to each question.  Paste a link to specific youtube video into link box and choose YouTube as media type. Videos are streamed directly from Youtube servers when video is started.  Be careful when using videos in areas with weak connection.

Web page

One webpage can be added to each question. Web page is opened within Loquiz application using default browser. To add web page paste web link into media link box and choose Web Page as media type.


As different devices handle videos and webpages differently it is recommended to test this functionality in each device beforehand.