Each question can include image, video clip and link to a web page. Go to “Media” tab in question’s edit screen to add media. Media is shown when question is opened inside the app.

Images are downloaded to the device at the start of a new game (so good internet connection is needed), videos and web pages are streamed directly from the internet when media is opened!


One image can be added to every question. You can use either classical image format (JPG, PNG etc.) or animated image (GIF). Read more how to use GIFs in your question.

To add image, just upload it from your computer. Keep the photos small, so they perform better in mobile devices.

If you are hosting the photo already somewhere in the internet, you can just insert image via URL.  Make sure it is the real web link to the actual image file (ends in .png, .jpg etc.). Again, smaller images perform better when download speed of mobile devices is slow.

Photo overlay

Now it is possible to use photo overlay in photo question. Photo overlay is a picture displayed on the camera screen while shooting a photo. You can change this image’s transparency in camera mode (with the help of slider). You can use photo overlay for fun photo hunts where people have to take exact same picture as shown on the image and at the same location.

To add photo overlay, open photo question for editing or create a new one, go to „Media“ tab and upload an image. Save and you are ready to go. Image is added as media it will be shown while shooting a photo as a overlay on the camera’s screen. Image will be uploaded into the results without the overlay. This feature works only with photo question.

Augmented Photo

The augmented base photo will be displayed for the players in the camera view so they can take the picture combining it with real-life objects.

When you use the augmented photo question type then an added image needs to be in PNG format and have transparent areas and have a 4:3 ratio.

The images have to have aspect ratio 4:3- for example 1200 x 900 pixels. Crop any images you want to use, accordingly!

One Youtube video can be added to each question.  Use the link that is meant for Sharing from Youtube.

Should look like this  https://youtu.be/”clipID”. Where “clipID is the specific ID to your video.

Paste a link to Youtube Video section. Videos are streamed directly from Youtube servers when video is opened.  Be careful when using videos in areas with weak connection.