Under additional settings you can modify question’s time limit, language, pin icons and pin radius. Go to “Additional settings” tab while creating or editing the question to access these settings.

Time Limit

Time limit in seconds determines how much time time players have to answer that question from the moment it opens. If team fails to answer within this time frame, the answer is considered incorrect.  Timers are used to make “easy to google” questions more challenging.  Do not set timers to questions where video is attached as a media – in case when video is loading slowly, timer might run out. Time limit is also not recommended for photo and video questions.


Language is for sorting and filtering purposes only, it does not change the language of the question. Language tags are not shown to players and they help you to find the right questions more easily. You can use questions with several language tags in one game.  Question language setting does not affect actual game’s language.

Pin icon

Pin icons are shown on the map and they mark the location of the question. By default all questions’ pins are blue. But pins are fully customizable – it is possible to change the colour and the icon of the pin. Change color to help teams to choose tasks and to navigate more easily. Pin icon can be changed while creating/editing question on “Additional setting” tab.

To insert your own pin click “New custom pin” and upload an image via URL or from the computer, click on the image to set the position which marks the radius centre spot of the pin, save and you are good to go. We recommend uploading images which longest side is at least 200 pixels for best results. Best format for custom pins is PNG with invisible background.

You can also create hidden locations – just choose “no icon” and “transparent” radius colour.

Area colour (pin radius)

Radius is an area where question actually activates, it is a circle around the pin icon. Default radius is 10 meters but you can change it, we do not recommend to make it smaller because of GPS inaccuracy which will make it hard to activate the question. Radius can be changed while creating game on “Locations” tab (for general questions) or while creating/editing question on “Location” tab (for location-specific questions).

Radius color is also customizable. By default it is gray. To change radius color open or create a question and go to “Additional settings” tab. Pin radius colour is also used in Clue game’s question list. To hide the radius (area), you can just set area colour transparent.