Create games online and play on mobile devices.

To create games you need internet connection, browser and Loquiz subscription to Loquiz game creation web environment called Loquiz PRO.

To play you need Android or iOS mobile device and Loquiz application (available for free from Google Play or AppStore respectively.

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Three steps to create a game:

1. Create tasks

Tasks are the content. Tasks can be different type, they can be location-specific or general, they can have answers or be without answers. They can include photos, videos and even web pages, clues, hints and comments. You can assign difficulty (score) to a task and also timer to limit answer time if needed. For filtering and sorting purposes, tasks can be tagged by users, but  are also automatically tagged by task type, user name (who created the task), language and task modification time.

2. Create games

A game usually consists of several tasks. There are 6 game types available – Quiz, Clue, Rogain, Scavenger, Strategy and Match. Loquiz allows you to build adventures with very different mechanics. You can choose indoor and outdoor games.

One task can be in several games, meaning that if you change the task this is reflected in all the games it is used.

3. Create events

Games are played in the events.  To play a game, user needs to start an event. Results are collected based on events. You can share results of the game easily – using a URL.

One game can be played in several events.  For example if you create a London game, you can play it with different groups and have your results grouped in separate tables.

Custom logo can be assigned per event (so the same game would have different logo in different events),  it is also possible to limit the amount of teams which can register to the event, so that you can distribute event codes in public.

Playing games as a”team”

Teams play games through events. We consider team as one activated device in an event. Team size is not limited and in each event there can be unlimited number of teams (unless event creator does not limit it on purpose). When game is started then team name is asked from the player. Player results are shown based on team name. Team name is also used to continue game on another device.

Want it visualized?  Here you are  🙂


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