Optionally every question can have intro (shown before the question is opened), hint (can be opened by player during the game) and after answer comments (shown after answer is submitted).

Short intro

Short intro word (up to 5 letters) to the question is shown on location pins. Short into is visible on the pin if the option “Display question intro on pin” is ticked in specific game’s “Configure” page.


Intro is shown before the question opens and stays visible when the question is open.

It is frequently used to offer extra guidance for location specific questions (like: go to church first door) and show the subject of general questions (like logic, nature, fun etc.)

So here it is how it acts in different games:

Quiz – because questions open after each other, intro is shown at the time when question is open right before the question. This view applies to every Loquiz game. Intro is shown when question is open.

Rogain, Strategy and Scavenger – intro is shown when player clicks on a map pin and when question is open.

Clue game – intro is shown in the question list instead of the question if it is set.  This can be overridden by custom code message for not-location-specific questions in a game. It also shows when question is open.


Hint can be opened while the question is open. Hints are counted in a game and you can limit amount of hints per game in game settings.  If hint is present icon is shown, if hint is not present icon is not shown.  Hint is usually something that makes answering easier.

After answer comments

After answer comments are shown after the answer. You can specify one comment for correct answer and different one for incorrect answer. If you just want to show the same for both copy/paste the text.  You can choose in game settings  if to use them or not.

After answer comments are often used for giving extra insight into the question, adding some cool knowledge to players.  Correct answer can be shown automatically so you do not have to specify correct answer in after answer comments.

Extremely advanced users use after answer comments to give extra information about upcoming questions etc. (need to make sure you are not accidentally using those questions in other games then so tag accordingly.