Logging in

When Loquiz app is started user is presented with Login screen. The following is about starting games. You can read about testing here.


Starting games

1. a) Enter your Loquiz PRO login credentials (email and password) to the app. You are presented with a list of all open events.

b) Alternatively you can log in with the event specific username and password. When logging in using those, only one, the specific event is shown. Event specific username and password can be edited when event is created. You can use event specific username and password to enable somebody outside your organization to play the game you created.


2. Press “Load” to download the game to the device before the players arrive. Then you have a pre loaded game and welcome text displayed when you hand out the tablets. In all cases user is logged out right after game is loaded to a device.  So you can safely log in with your own username and password, press “Load” and hand the tablet to a player.

3. Brief your players about the game. They can be divided into teams already and agreed to have a team leader.

4. Ask team leaders to pick up the tablet or hand them out.

5. All teams have to do is to press start to begin the game and enter team name. Entering team name starts the game timer countdown!

If you facilitate the game on players own devices then brief them, let them download the app and then tell them the event specific username and password to load the game and start.

Important! Team is deducted from your balance only after the team has opened up the third question in an event. See more 

Read on about Resuming the game and Continuing the game in instructor problem solving page.