14 days free trial allows you to test-drive Loquiz for free. You will be able to see main features and run your first games. Trial is free of charge, no credit card is required. There is no limit on total number of players during free trial. Some limitations apply

One game creator

Preferred method of using Loquiz is that several persons work on the same account creating content (tasks, locations, questions) and games together. Trial is limited to single person working alone. When upgrading your account you will be able to invite team-members to contribute in creating games.

One game at a time

Loquiz allows to run different games in different places at the same time. Trial is limited to only one game being run at the time. While you can create and work on several games simultaneously, only one game at a time can be played.

Up to 10 tasks per game

Bigger Loquiz games might have hundreds of tasks in a game. Trial is limited to 10 tasks per game. When you upgrade your package you will be able to add more tasks to every game.

Up to 10 players per game

While using a trial you are limited to 10 players (we consider one player to be one activated device) per game in total. When 10 persons have registered to the game the game will not allow new players to join. Ten players can play simultaneously or at different times, the limit applies to the whole game. If you want to let more people play your games please upgrade your package.

Custom design and logo

Loquiz can be heavily customized to meet the needs of your brand. As a trial user you a limited to Loquiz branding.

Pin designs

Loquiz allows the users unrivalled flexibility by uploading their own pins or using default pins from Loquiz gallery. Trial is limited to only using default pins in your games. In order to create custom pins please upgrade your package.

Player app in English

With trial you are limited to English language app only. While you can create tasks in your chosen language the application interface is in basic English. If you want the interface to be in your own preferred language please consider upgrading your package. Fun fact! Majority of the languages created in Loquiz are based on themes – imagine Pirate English being different to Classroom English.

Access to free trial game templates

Best way to create new games in Loquiz is with the use of Templates. As a trial user you will have access to limited selection of free game templates. These templates might have more than 10 tasks in them. Please note that when removing tasks then you are not able to re-add tasks when the amount of tasks is more than 10.

Essential blocks for visual programming tool

Loquiz has very powerful game mechanics creating environment. As a trial user you are limited to basic building blocks.

TASK BLOCKS – specific tasks, all tasks


ACTION BLOCKS – show on map, show in list, show on playground (if playground added), open for answering, finish game

If you want more flexibility with your game rules please consider upgrading your package.