Creator Pro

It is the most sophisticated visual tool for creating
game rules. Your games - your rules.

Unique game building tool

Best game mechanics with endless combining opportunities

Become unique

Creator Pro is meant for companies who need advanced game mechanics to build engaging experiences in- or outdoor. It enables companies to go deep into games and realize the game ideas they couldn't do with other game building tools.

Build your rules

It is a block-based interface for creating game rules. If you have used Scratch then you will feel right at home, but regardless, it's simple to use. It’s up to your imagination how creative and rich in content the games will be. Technically Creator Pro enables you to set conditions that activate and show different tasks to the player.

Complex mechanics

In basic form it can be as easy as "WHEN TASK 1 IS ANSWERED OPEN TASK 2", but the real power of it is revealed when you use more complex mechanics. You can make things to happen based on answers to other tasks, day of time and timer, location, odometer, QR and barcodes and any combination of these.
Learn more about:  Basic examples, Advanced examples, FAQ.

Start creating your rules

Creator Pro is included in the Expert package and can be subscribed additionally in Essentials and Standard package.

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