Loquiz pricing has two levels.

1. Yearly licence fee

Yearly license fee is a precondition to use Loquiz PRO webpage platform. With the subscription the user gets unlimited access to their Loquiz PRO Group for creating questions, games, inviting members etc.

Basic subscription includes two game types (quiz and rogain). It is possible to add additional game types to the Basic subscription. Please not that the subscription for additional game types will end together with your Basic subscription.

2. Team credits

To play the games created on your account, team credits are needed.  A group of people that use one device to play are considered a team.We only count activated devices and team size does not affect team price. In practice teams from 1 to 30 persons are used and they are charged with the same rate.


Lets assume you are running a game for 50 participants. You divide them into teams of 5 persons, giving you 10 teams. Each team will play using one device meaning you will spend 10 teams

Team is deducted from your balance only after the team has opened third question in the game. 

You see exact stats when you log in, at the dashboard most right column “TEAMS REMAINING”  click on “View balance”. This opens up the list of events and teams spent there.

Team purchase price depends on the volume.  Unused team credits are available to use until the end of the subscription period. In case the subscription is not renewed the team credits will expire at the end of the subscription period.   Team credits are not transferable between accounts. We reserve the right to close an account and delete the contents if there is no active subscription for 3 months.

For further info and additional services please contact us at info@loquiz.com.